Any advice on how to get a good discount on CQG ?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by maxima120, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. It seems that CQG sales department is pretty much contoling all the sales.

    I cant find a broker who could give me a good discount because I fear that the sales actually are going through CQG themselves and brokers dont get any cut from so they cant give me a discount because they dont see these monies...

    Is this correct picture? Is there any practical way to get discounted CQG Integrated Client ?
  2. yes..its free if u don't use it! why in the hell would you need CAG and if you do.. then why would u need a discount.. get real.. teh quote system does not make you money
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    they're expensive. But if you don't scalp, cheapers competitors are ok
  4. I need discount simply because I personally do not like to pay retail price stuck on the label. Ever. Be it a shirt or a trading software.

    I need CQG because I regard CQG and TT as two fastest execution systems available for the retail traders. I used TT for few months and I decided that I want it faster. So I am switching to CQG for a month or two then I decide whether I stay with CQG or go back to TT.

    If anyone can advise the faster system I'd listen very carefully. I heard that Rithmic is going to be a good competitor but I havent looked into it seriously yet. Am planning in the coming year

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    youre barking up the wrong tree.

    you say you are a retail trader. i imagine this implies you are using broadband/adsl for connectivity sitting at home somewhere then?

    your latency will have more to do with your connection than what software you use.

    face it piker, if speed is your main issue, then consider co-location next to the exchange. in fact, dont bother, cos if you had the money to do that, you wouldnt be a retail trader would you?, neither would you be fussing over chump change.
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    This is Xmas, not April Fool's day ... why not just buyout GS, they have fast connections
  7. Freds the speed I need is not that kind of speed for collocation. its in the middle. I will not go to arcade and thats not the question of money. I am lazy to commute to the city every day..

    the other guy, whats his name.... fuck off

    i loved the buyout goldman comment.. made my day. Seriously it is so obvious that you think a little speed will make you profitable.... NOT!

    You can never compete with billion dollar hedgefunds and physicists from harvard and mit.. get real man. Because if you don't you will be sitting at a busstop begging for money to get home to your parents garage or basement... saying yeah.. that trading is a tough racket...
  9. in conclusion, if you are a successful trader and a scalper then the amount of time you took to read and write out this thread should have been able to pay for your retail price of cqg. Your discount is to shut the heck up and make money... so you can pay for quotes and hopefully a toothbrush. i have a funny feeling you might lose your teeth in the end.. seriously if you are unable to get toothpaste at less than retail then your teeth might just fall out!!!!!!!!!
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    i still think youre better off looking at network connectivity (or perhaps pc hardware) than software. i dont think there will be much difference between cqg or tt that domestic internet connections will not swallow up anyways.
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