Any advice on Colorado? Careers, economy?

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  1. Are there jobs for people with trading experience in Colorado? If yes, where would be a good place to start? Also, anyone have any good recruiters in Colorado to contact? I love the area and the people seem great there.

    My concern is the job market. Like I have mentioned, I can trade my own account for awhile but really need the benefits thing eventually. I would prefer something smaller with great opportunities versus a megacorp unless the culture is employee friendly.

    I have kind of had it with Southern California and the Los Angelezation of it all. It is a tough place to live. I figure if I am going to trade from home, I might as well trade somewhere where it isn't so congested and has lots of opportunities to meet down to earth people.

    Thanks for any advice!
  2. Easy. Trade your account until your at the point were you can drive a salary and benefits off your trading. You can live anywhere with a good internet connection.

    Colorado is a nice state. Thinking of relocating there myself. I'm living on the eastcoast now. Hot, humid summers, not my favorite.
  3. We just visited and love North part of Denver area. Very family friendly and the people are great. I think it would be a nice break from the Los Angelezation of CA.
  4. Hey... both of you.... STAY THE HELL OUT! We got enough Californicators here already.
  5. OK, I didn't get a rise out of anybody. I was just kidding. Don't know about jobs, but the climate is nice and the real estate market is probably average.
  6. Very few trading jobs but there are a decent number of hedge funds and fund of funds and quite a few mutual funds.

    The equity culture in Colorado died with the Janus twenty in 2000-2001. Denver boomed on tech spending but now downtown is booming on Oil money. There are numerous oil and gas companies with offices in Denver.
  7. Not to worry, I think most have moved in with me in Highlands Ranch. :(

  8. Take the C470 or US 36. It is congested just like anywhere else.

    If you want character try Boulder.

    As far as trading, I think you are on your own. There's really not much here. At least I haven't seen it, but that's not saying much.
    Geronimo Partners/Janus/Xcel occasionally look for people. Though, I don't think it's for trading like you are hoping.

    Back in 2002 my buddy picked up and moved to SF(World Co) so he could trade. I don't think things have changed much.
  9. RXIS


    It seems to me that outsiders are not very welcomed in Coloroado. I was actually told that by some guys from there too.
  10. Hey there is the Denver trading group and your always welcome to come over and have some rootbeers..hey I might even invite that anti-socialite, Gnomey...
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