any advice for recent top 5 mba grad?

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  1. ivymba


    not looking to join the corporate world.

    what are my options for more enterpreneurial working environments?

    private equity and FOF businesses look interesting, anybody working in these fields?
  2. PriceWaterhouse

    I had a girlfriend who worked at Price, Harvard MBA, called her own shots, a true entrepreneur. She had her own group within Price. Expertise: M&A. Worked the Daimler-Chrysler deal. Travelled all over the world. Made more money in a year than a good percentage of the traders on the street.

    Never had to sit in front of a mind numbing computer day after day.

    The one that got away.
  3. PWC thats great, but didn't he say non-corporate?

    Then again he referred to Private equity and fund of funds asset management as not corporate LMAO. Maybe slightly less than Corporate finance or M&A groups. The ones worth being in are apart of banks, so back to the corporate culture thing again.

    Question: If you don't like corporate why did you get the crimson MBA?

    On the application it asks for an essay outlining pretty much what your going to do with the degree. I take it your plans have changed so soon?

    Only way to avoid corporate is the be a true capitalistic entrepreneur.. best job in the world if you can make it.

    So whats it going to be the red pill or the blue pill?
  4. Bright Trading in Las Vegas (where all true entrepreneurs go...)
  5. Hmm .... As someone else here said .... your were most likely asked - as a condition of admission - why you were pursuing an MBA. At these types of schools they dont just take your money. It is expected and required that the SCHOOL wins in the deal. That is, that you will benefit them down the road by virtue of your position (for their marketing), connections and wealth - funny huh since schools always pitch another motivation for their existence.

    If you wanted a truly entrepreneurial MBA then the best place I know of is USC - they have the best faculty focused on business startups (truly gifted people) and that is where you should have gone to learn how to start your own enterprise.
  6. :confused: . Also, I know a recent grad that cant find a job from there.
  7. tomcole


    What a load of crap.

    If you are a grad, which I seriously doubt of an Ivy, you graduated in June. If you;re just looking for an alternative career now and are dis-satisifed by what your school offers you, you have to be one of the most un-employable idiots in the USA.

    More likely you're some clown looking for attention when you're not shining shoes on the street corner.
  8. Just recently read that story that I think was from USA today last week about the average earnings of a new MBA grad is something like 100K right out of school and the best time in a long time for a new grad. Now since that is the average I would expect if you are really a top 5 school grad those earnings would be a lot higher. Now is the time to bank on that while you can since you are a fresh grad. Get some solid experience and a good bank roll under your belt while you have an advantage (edge in trading terms) of being a new grad ready to take on the world. If you are from a top school that is the best place to start looking as they have the contacts with the firms actually coming to them instead of the other way around. You can always do something later after you have banked a few 100K while it is easy to get into firms/careers before making a leap into the unknown. That way you don't waste your new grad standing. In my opinion you only get a few shots like you have right now. A few years from now you will be competing with all of the new grads and would probably look less desirable.
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    yeah, i'm looking into consulting, if not i can always be a professional lottery player!

    thankx for your inputs everyone
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    tough to finish on time with a dual degree
    whats with the attitude anyway?
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