Any able to connect to IB Sunday 7th Jan???

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by JLarsen, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. JLarsen



    Forex trading should start in less thsn 30 minutes and I am not able to connect.

    Chat support also unavailable .

    Very strange.

    Any other experinces ?

  2. I am about to call customer service helpdesk in HK
  3. Mup


    Same here in the UK

    Is it just the Euro server or do other geographic regions have problems :confused:
  4. doli


    trouble in US, too
  5. there was a problem last week in Asia in some regions after a earthquake hit the pacific ocean ... internet connections and phone land line connections had problems at times
  6. Hmm. . .last time we had this problem on a weekend about three months ago IB TWS was a nightmare itself on the following Monday.

    Crossing my fingers here. . .
  7. Adrian12


    Im in same boat here in New Jersey. Sucks I got open positions.
    Anyone find out please post. No one at chat desk.
  8. always good to have a backup broker ... just in case !

    I do not think HK office opened yet

    its only a little after 6am local time there
  9. JLarsen


    Well, support for the TWS version less than 8.64 stopped.
    Maby theres was an update on the server side too,
    which goes totally wrong ???

    Changecontrol/Management seems not to work well ??

  10. 2006


    Globex is about to open !!!!!! I want my TWS up now !!!!!
    #10     Jan 7, 2007