Anxious Greeks Emptying Their Bank Accounts

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Daal, Dec 7, 2011.

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  2. It's fine when you got something to withdraw. Most Europeans got nothing. Merkozi are driving Europeans to the ultimate slavery. Worse than WWII.

    This is because a few men in Germany and fewer in France do not want to lose a little of their huge purchasing power by allowing some printing.

    This is the ultimate monstrosity. A few rich people control the central bank.
  3. LeeD


    There is no evidence high inflation helps boost economy... but there is no doubt it it devalues savings.
    In fact, inflation has 2 noticeable effects:
    1) It is one of the primary reason of bubbles. With high inflation people basically cannot save for retirement as any savings will be dramatically devalued over their lifetime. So, instead they "invest" into teh stock market, property etc....
    2) It boosts spending. When people see that the stock market is stagnant and money in teh bank depreciates very fast they are more willing to spend it all.
    3) It leads to decrease in real wages (as except for top executives, wages and salaries grow slower than inflation).

    I disagree here. In fact, 2) and especially 3) are greatly beneficial to rich people. (By "rich" I mean people who own businesses that employ other people, not those who just have enough savings in the bank to retire.)
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    You're suggesting printing even more worthless paper money will solve Europe's problems? Really?
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    It's just a wealth transfer from older generations (savers, fixed income), to the younger workers.
  6. Yes, Why? Are you suggesting that more debt will solve a serious debt problem and more taxes on middle class in Europe will lead to prosperity?

    All financial systems reach to a point that monetization of debt is the only solution. This is the point for Europe.

    or what are you suggesting after all? Let us hear you. Do you suggest eliminating some of the population that cannot produce?
  7. I suggest a massive debt holiday in lieu of printing. It will have the same effect in the end, without having to go through the ritual of pointless hyperinflation.

    Flush the debts, recapitalize from zero, and restart the cycle.

    It's inevitable anyway, so do it now, while we can still execute a controlled descent, instead of later, when events are beyond our control.
  8. What do you mean by "All financial systems reach to a point that monetization of debt is the only solution?"

    Also, clearly Lucrum did not make any suggestions in his post about what to do. Why do you have to put words in his mouth? Seriously, I have seen arguments with more finesse on forums about anime.
  9. You know no history, I bet also geography. You sound like someone who thinks Italy is next to Alaska.

    Finesee is to let others defend themselves, somethink that you lack when you become self appointed advovate.

    I am sure Lucrum has some suggestions. If he doesn't, he is not supposed to counter others.

    Do you have any, or your objective is to stir trouble with meaningless statements?
  10. Are you a politician? Your strategy for explaining your statement is to insult others?

    You still haven't explained what you mean by "All financial systems reach to a point that monetization of debt is the only solution."

    Can you just explain that? Can you give some examples? I'm not trying to antagonize you, although it seems you are interested in starting fights over the internet, I simply want to know what you mean by your statements.
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