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    My method works on any market, on any timeframe, and is extremely accurate.

    I generally have been trading SPY options and holding them for 1 to three days, on average. This takes my emotions out of things.

    When I try to scalp, as I have been doing in the EUR/USD today, I tend to get very anxious and enter trades too early, which is the kiss of death as my method tends to pick short term reversals.

    Once in, I place a bracket order and let the trade run, managing it very little as things just move too quickly with a 10 pip stop..

    I want to let the winners run but find myself getting very uptight the longer I am in a trade. I just exited a trade with a 10 pip profit that went as much as 30 pips in my favor.

    My win rate lately has been around 70%.

    Any ideas on how eliminate the irrational fears that are slowing me down?
  2. Close only a portion.
  3. If you were doing very well trading SPY options, why not increase the size of those trades instead of trying to branch out into areas you aren't comfortable with? It's not necessary to constantly challenge yourself, if you have a profitable system, just stick with it.
  4. Same old question: why are you not a billionaire yet?
  5. He's answered that. Anxiety.