Anxiety and nervousness

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    Everytime you prepare to pull the trigger do you listen to the chatter deep within your subconsciousness asking "Is now the right time" "What if this isn't the high I'm looking for" " Should I wait a little longer" ? Can you feel it ? What is the solution ?
  2. Once you get to a certain level of experience and success, there are no voices. For discretionary traders, your trading is all done on an instinctual subconscious level. Your mind is so engrossed in the markets activity and you'll just pull the trigger when you see something and then manage the trade from there. No time to second guess or convince yourself not to pull the trigger.

    The voices are there when you've havent had enough time to understand the mkts and your approach to trading them. Also, the voices could be there because you know you have a tendency to fight the mkt and your brain is remembering many times where you got burned and is warning you.

  3. The solution is to answer/address the voices correctly.
  4. If you engage in such activity, then you do not have a trading plan. And if you do have a trading plan, then you are violating it. A trading plan has specific entry points which define your dollar risk. If you are thinking about "waiting a little longer," then you are not implementing such plan, assuming you have one. Waiting changes the character of the risk/reward relationship. Being nervous is natural. Not implementing a well thought out plan can become expensive. You need to ask yourself if you have a good trading plan and if you are capable of doing the right thing when nervous.
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    You have not truely ACCEPTED the risk in the trade. Once you really accept what could happen there will be no fear. Understand that defining your risk and accepting it are not the same. Read chapter 4 in Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas.
  6. I'd second the suggestion to read Mark Douglas, plus I'd add to that list Dr. Brett Steenbarger's webblog and peer-reviewed books on OCD/general anxiety disorders. And meditation, too, can help.

    But no book can change one's trading. It has to come from inside. Those materials might be able to help, though.

    There is no easy solution--overcoming anxiety is more like a journey than a destination.
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    Your feelings can't be trusted yet. You need rules.
    After some period of time and some number of trades, your feelings and intuition will become more in sync with the market. Then, you can rely more on them and less on all the rules. Your intuition will mostly coincided with your previous rules, but you can trade by gut.

    This assumes you daytrade and do tons of trades. If you swing or long term trade, you may not get that intuition anytime soon, or ever.
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    There are ALWAYS voices. It comes with the territory.
  9. Sorry friend, but you haven't reached the level where your trading is a reflex to the markets actions. I trade off the 5 and 1 min charts and many times my setups come and go in the blink of an eye. One moment, I'm buying 40 lots, less then 3 seconds later I'm unloading half 2 ticks higher and 10 lots 3 ticks higher (then hold the remaining). That's just one example.

    Do you understand how fast I need to operate? When I say there are no voices, I mean there are no voices...there is no time for them! The voices played out over a couple years while I learned. Now, the voices keep quiet and allow me to operate efficiently and effectively.

    edit: The voices are there between trades, while watching and evaluating price and pace, but not during for me

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