Anxiety and eagerness on weekends; and anxiety, joy and disapointment on weekdays;

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  1. and everyday.
  2. Exactly same feeling here go with yours. Why is it still Monday????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. :confused: It's Tuesday because it is...


    What the hell do you mean "WHY" ???
  4. sounds like a workaholic... is this how a workaholic views his days, weeks, etc ??
  5. pspr


    Take your Paxil or Xanax today.
  6. Paxil dulls one's senses. Yes I'm a workaholic, but when I do enjoy myself away from work-once every two years- I travel wildly. Psychotropics are boring and debilitating, beside, I utterly objectify my emotions, and after recognition comes control. Understanding myself is one of my best accomplishments. I- hopefully accurately- quote L. Wittgenstein, "the most difficult thing is to not decieve yourself".

    Psychosis is of and for the weak and cowardly. I went or was crazy once, but then decided not to be. Knowing that reality is an opinion makes life easy. Believing in god, unicorns or elves (is usual of cowards that can't think for themselves) and such as in the movies is the quickest way to insanity. If one doesn't have a reasonable basis to form ideals, ideas of life, and, from, one can easliy lose control of emotions and thoughts, and this stupidity results in clinical insanity. Though there are many exceptions to this generalization, which I only partially believe in. What was or is your question?

  7. do you relate to this guy ? i read your post and it reminded me of this book------


    best wishes to you,

  8. though he seems far more fucked than I ever was.

  9. yeah, the dude is ( was ) seriously messed up----- but it makes good reading.

  10. Ironic the slogan in the back "Relax, Go Nuts."
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