Anvil....anyone having problem??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gimp570, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. gimp570


    Beside me??
  2. gimp570


    anyone using anvil right now?
  3. bandit


  4. down again.

    Trade desk phone number busy.

    Good luck if you have positions.

    this one might leave a mark.
  5. its dog shit. stuck in positions. they said trade desk can't sell me out. they fixed nothing
  6. ener555


    I know it sux. They used to be a good company but having more and more problems.

    Cant get through to trade support or order desk

    And actually the greatest thing is their system status check. All systems are working normally at this time it says. Why have that option at all if they never change it
  7. RedLng


    No phone support, no answers from em.... positions going red, bad way to start the weekend .... do they realize how many people they're screwing over?
  8. gimp570


    The good news is that this does not happen often..

    however it does suck
  9. cuz69


    Yeah Down.............can't get through either to TECH! :mad:
  10. cuz69


    Yeah thats a laugh.........Right!
    Might as well take that recording off the phone.
    #10     Aug 29, 2008