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    Hello to all members of the community!

    We offer fully automated solutions for individual traders and investors around the world with the help of our trading robots.

    Our trading profiles consist of thousands of trading robots that are based on various strategies and include hundreds of stocks from different sectors.
    This approach allows you to get an attractive risk-reward ratio over long term.

    We keep connected to the traders all over the world and create robots based on their trading systems.
    Before the trading system becomes available for our clients it goes through a very long journey.
    The majority of trading systems do not show any promise during back testing stage.
    Some get tossed after risk analysis and statistical analysis.
    And only best reach the last stage of testing - the real time trading.

    AntTrader is a software program that allows trading platform to accept the result of work of our trading robots. It is really easy to use AntTrader.
    All you need is to have an account with any broker in US, open an account on our site and sign up for any available trading profile.
    After that you start AntTrader before each trading session and wait for the signals from trading robots.
    If your broker provide you with the trading platform that we support, you have an opportunity to trade in a full auto mode.
    Otherwise, you can open positions in your trading platform manually.

    You can see the trading results for several years as well as for any trading day in the past:

    Free profile, recommended for 10K accounts

    Advanced profile, recommended for 50K+ accounts

    Supreme profile, recommended for 100K+ accounts

    Some information about trading systems

    AntTrader in action, video

    Trade with AntTrader. Automatically. Systematically. Without emotions.