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    I am new to trading and I would like you opinion on my pick. I am considering buying ANTS, they were selected as "Best Product of the Year" by CRN because they've deloped the first lock free algorithm that makes it 15 times faster than traditional databases. IMO this puts it as a sure thing candidate for a buyout by either Oracle, Sybase or Microsoft.
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    Best Product - Sure Thing - Takeover Target

    Three phrases in any research report that makes me skeptical of an investment.

    I suppose Due Diligence is key to any investment option, but when it starts out with the sure thing approach, I tend to shy away.

    My 2 cents.
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    i'm just basing it on their recent acquisitions.. whenever something hot and new comes along like ANTS, folks like gates and ellison try to destroy it, fail and then just buy it out
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    Is that the same management as the last failed
  5. As I have posted previously, its becoming a spammers and pump and dump paradise here for the scum of wall street. Shills and cons.
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    i haven't heard of is that the same company, why did they fail?
  7. There are lots of plays on unique stocks.

    I think it is a good idea to step out of the mold sometimes.

    For equities my mold is mostly a TA orientation and high money velocity.

    For flyers, I do the "right place at the right time thing"

    Best is to get in before others perceive the situation and then ride it to climax on the short term. The next run up on my best dollar run (150%) was only 55% of the first time I nailed it (two weeks later). For ANTS you are sitting in the second lap place.

    Serial plays are neat too. Reverse at max, then reverse at the following min and go out at next max. Here doubling buy back from max exit often doubles share positions. Going out at second max can get you the 60% more easily. There is a good record 31 posts (ahead of the market) on this one during a few hours of one day. The person I was posting to advise in public and five others on record nailed it twice within a fraction of a point on large trades. So you see stocks give you plenty of time to make moves.

    Both of the above show that the second play is usually in the same range.

    Sometimes serendipity can strike. I traded where a lot of IBM people had accounts and I had a sort of sphere of influence with some of those folks. We all, based upon TA bought TANG. The manager of the brokerage sent the info to 5th Ave office in NYC.

    The stock ran up from 3 (a flyer, remember) to 22 in three days. So we left accordingly and when it was announced by the respective CEO's of IBM and TANG in a joint appearance that there was no relationship and none anticipated TANG returned to about 4 or so. This is 600 or 700% over a few days.

    We were on a TA lark to see if under 10 dollar stocks were worth playing. Thank God for loose cannon type local brokerage managers. The buck stopped with him although there was a little heat from my account manage who had to review my trading record with Merrill Lynch lawyers. The lawyers concluded that I had "ins" with a lot of companies in four TANG was not in one of those,

    In machine tool sector, I was able to track the advent of numerical controls it turned out. Not a flyer thing but it is fun to do the ripple effect type timing plays.

    Mostly I just do TA with what culling and sorting gives me.
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    15x faster? How? And, what is traditional databases? What's the market for a new player in the RDBMS marketplace?

    In this industry, we've had companies come along and claim 10-15 times speed increases. One example was Times Ten - which was bought by Oracle.

    Who is ANTS? Their benefits page on their web site says: "We have several customers who have seen performance increases ranging from 5 to 15 times faster (also on the existing hardware)." Sure - could be. But why? Show us what was done to accomplish this. How different is that than just tuning an existing query, adding a new index, finding bad code that developers really didn't see happening - and fixing it? Is it different than when I find a 4-hour query and tune it to run in 1 minute because the developer on a traditional RDBMS engine was poorly experienced?

    If ANTS wants to compete in the RDBMS market, get out there and sit head to head against the main players and run TPC benchmarks, do customer benchmarks and publish the specific results such that customers can see the details behind the claims.

    No locking? Is this similar to Via a bunch of years ago that relied entirely on row versioning? Oracle has row versioning and pretty good performance to boot
  9. Unfortunately, I totally agree with this. The number of people hyping the typical pump&dump crap has risen dramatically over the last few weeks.

    IMO the moderators should watch this action very CLOSELY in order to keep this BS out. Otherwise, we will soon have a yahoo type of message board.

    My 3 cts.