Antonio Brown

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    What a clown

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    Likely to be suspended for the Super Bowl.
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    If the helmet doesn't fit, you must acquit.
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    I give him 6 weeks max. with the Pats. He got I think 9MM guaranteed so that is not a bad deal.

    I am also very suspicious about just how fast this played out. So I believe in this:

    "Antonio? Yeah, this is Bill. So the first part of the plan is for you to remove your socks in the cryo lab. Trust me."

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    I get the sense that Mr. Happy (Bill B) will not tolerate any of A.B.'s drama. They got him on the cheep for 15 million for a year, he's a great receiver. We shall see starting in week two.
  6. Pekelo


    Suddenly this TV show turned into Law and Order SUV.

    Renowned legal expert OJ Simpson expresses his views:

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    I think this evaluation of the events is most likely correct:


    If I’m understanding the timeline correctly:

    The first time was an unwanted kids and him exposing himself. That could easily be forgiven with a “hey, I’m sorry, I thought we had something going on”. If they had a lucrative business arrangement the she might of just dismissed it as a one-off and not worth getting upset about if he’s her meal ticket to bigger and better things.

    The second time was him blowing a load on her back whilst watching tv. This should have been a no brainer-GTFOH red flag. And he seems to acknowledge that this happened in his email. It would be tough to understand why she stayed around him after this one but the only logical thing I can think of is “here’s some cash, won’t happen again”. I think it’s plausible that a fair amount of people would continue their business relationship with someone if given the right amount of money. But of course, now you have to assume the responsibility of knowing exactly the type of person your associating yourself with. Future interactions have to be properly diagnosed beforehand.

    The third time is an alleged all out rape. The chain of the three events makes sense from a profiling perspective. Brown would be chasing his target and practicing for a lead up towards rape. He would have coerced her to rely on him for money. Exploited her desire to open a gym of her own and put “Antonio Brown” on her resume. It’s not out of the realm of possibilities to see this all unfold. But that girl should have moped the fuck out of there after the second event. That was THE red flag. It wouldn’t justify the third event of course. But I could imagine a rational and logical scenario where and why she’d stick around."