Antivirus advice urgently needed....

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    I have 6 pc's in my house. Sounds crazy, but wife, kids and stuff and they ain't touching mine!

    I need to antivirus them all. I did have an IT guy from work doing all that sort of stuff, but now he's gone, none are currently protected (I don't think) and need to sort it out. They did have Trendmicro scan or something like that. I use 3 for trading and none of them are protected right now.

    Obviously anything that doesn't slow them down - well mine anyway, don't care about theirs!!

    Any help or suggestions please?? Also any links.

    Thanks in advance.

    It may not be the very best, but it has a very small footprint and won't slow you down (assuming a fairly modern pc)
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    Great, much appreciated, thank you.
  4. On my trading computer I don't go to questionable websites (i.e. pr0n or warez, etc). I don't use real-time virus protection because I think it slows the computer down too much. Instead, periodically, I will scan with

    So far, no viruses.

    I use Ad-aware 2007 along with Spybot Search & Destroy to periodically scan and remove any spyware. I also recommend that you turn on the Windows Firewall in the control panel.

    My computer is very responsive with no bloated virus software like Norton or Mcafee. Most viruses come through email attachments or downloads from the internet. If you treat emails with attachments with care and only download files from trustworthy sites, you'll minimize the chance of getting a virus while still having a quick and responsive computer.
  5. have you noticed a difference in the response time of getting orders filled if you have norton auto protection turned off?
  6. It's still a good idea to have an AV loaded. You don't have to run it in realtime.
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    Prior to having AVG I used trendmicro to sort out some virus issues that I had thing works great. I was dubious of allowing it to scan but was more then pleased with the results..... As for AVG I have been using it for about the past 5 years and haven't experienced any problems to date .... cant say enough about it .... great great product
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    While this may indeed still be true, there is reason to be concerned even if you do no surfing or reading email. A few years ago, I had to reload windows - didn't see it as a priority to reload anti-virus software until the weekend (& I did not enable firewall).

    To make a long story short, my computer got infected with some of the nastiest programs you can imagine by doing nothing other than being unprotected...

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    Install Linux.
  10. I have vista and use firefox. never had a virus. fingers crossed for luck.
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