Antiquated Educational System?

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  1. I just finished reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad" after a recommendation from a friend last weekend (yes, I know its been out for awhile).

    Anyways it never occurred to me just how out of date our educational system is. I think back to my school years (1985-2001), what I've learned and what lessons teachers tried to instill in my mind and its very obvious to me now that their advice wasn't all that great for this new era we live in. It seems schooling prepares us to be good solid emploYEES but hardly ever talks about how to become great emploYERS (which is where the real $$$ it at!). Maybe 30+ years ago, the right thing to do was to get a good job w/ a good company w/ solid benefits but I would disagree that this is the right thing to do anymore. There are just too many entrepreneurial opportunities these days to take advantage of.

    Plus there is never any talk in school about how to be financially responsible. I guess thats one reason most Americans are always in debt of some kind and can never seem to escape. Most Americans work for money but have no idea how to have their money work for them. They work for income, buy a house, eventually get a raise, have kids/buy a bigger house/cars/schools etc incurring more debt and get caught in the so called "rat race". They are making more and more money but their expenses (and taxes) keep going up in proportion. Its a sad way to live as far as I'm concerned.

    Anyways, just curious what everyones take is on this matter? I've only spent 1 year in corporate America and was fortunate to learn about trading from a coworker (while we should have been working) which ignited my passion for trading. I can see, though, just how easy it could be to get "trapped" like most Americans are and I cant help but think more people could be free if they had only been better educated about the options that are out there now.
  2. I thought that it was an interesting topic that was discussed in the book, but it seems I am the ONLY one who thought that :D
  3. Yeah college is mostly an employee training center, that's what I used to tell all my friends many now ex-friends, they get PO'd when i tell them a job does not bring real security, that getting into debt is like indentured servitude, that blindly putting money into 401Ks is like sending money to nigeria blah blah they either take offense someone criticizing their lifestyle, or, they're just too afraid to learn how to trade "it's just gambling" or starting a business: no money left after paying for the SUV, the condo, designer clothes, children expenses.....

    It seems that the more educated they are: masters, phds, the more job-clingy they are and the more averse to do something entrepreneurial.

    It's exhausting arguing with brainwashed people. So I just recommend the book and now I avoid discussing it with anyone.

    The only complain about the book i have is its hyping of real estate... that's dangerous advice right now.
  4. There is a real difference between credentialing and education.

    Currently, we credential.

    Education is, more and more, something you pick up on the way.

    Very sad state of affairs.
  5. I was out at a bar last night with a friend and his girlfriend and she kept telling me about her HR job and how great it was and how, if she keeps doing well, she expects a 10% pay raise after a few years. I so badly wanted to tell her to "get out" while she still can. But, I bit my tongue b/c a conversation like that usually never ends well. Plus I think most people dont have the forsight or desire anyways to take risks in life to better their future. They would rather plug along, hoping to do a little better each year. To each his own I guess.

  6. You are better off to bite your tongue, because trying to help someone escape the "go to school -- get a job in corporate america" syndrome is a waste of energy.

    Most people are followers. Absent someone telling them when, where, how, why, and what, they would be utterly lost in life.

    No amount of re-education will alter this reality. The world is exactly the way it is, because it needs to be that way. Be thankful that you can take advantage of others' inability to act and think independently, because were more people like you, your ability to earn a living trading would be more difficult than it is already.
  7. Well put, better to just leave things be.

  8. Trust me the Corporate "get a job" World sucks. BAD!
    I am mad at myself for not following more of a self employment passion earlier in my life. I have a hard time seeing myself working for some rich sob again.

    People are modern day slaves anymore. You get your few crumbs while the top feasts on a buffet.

    Stupid way to live. No more for me. Steve - you sound like you have your head on straight for such a young guy. Congrads.
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    oh brother.... Here I am preaching the "Go to school and please study approach" ... Hustlin' and slinging just isn't what it used to be. For every story of an entrepreneur who makes it big there is 1000's who are still trying to get out of the debt they incurred trying to keep the ship afloat...

    I have known nothing more than being a hustler... Then again my first job out of college was making 400 calls a day for a 23 yr old pulling in 50k-75k a month at Biltmore securities....NO SCHOOLING WAS NECESSARY... it just came down to numbers; thinking big and wanting bigger...unfortunately most lost their license and some even did time but not until we made some mula and lots of it :D so in short study hard ...peace
  10. Ya know, I went to school in the early 80's .....and im shocked that kids today know so much about computers.....i didn't even log on to one until I was around 21!!!....We always put down our school system, but think back to when you were didn't have apple computers sitting there...whole new world baby...don't know if its good or not....when i needed info i went to an today just logon and Google it.
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