AntiLiberal (from the USA) Rant

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TGregg, Aug 11, 2003.

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    Why do liberals continue to live in the United States of America? I’m not referring to so-called moderates who have one or three small socialistic ideas that they’d like to see implemented. I’m talking about “nutjobs” like the people in that peacenik video, Hollywood lunatic lefties who swore they’d leave the country if Bush was elected (then failed to do so), and the self-titled “Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party.” People that want astoundingly high taxes on folks who make money and endless entitlements for those who don’t. People that want free health care, free retirement, unlimited paid leaves of absences for any reason, free public transportation and lifelong unemployment benefits.

    The United States of America is the freest country that I know. By “freest”, I generally mean freedom from the government and specifically mean your wallet is (relatively) lightly tapped. I love our country and I am a true patriot, but if Canada suddenly changed to 100% Libertarian, I’d be drinking a lot more Molson. And, I’d have to hurry to get in line – you just know there’d be a giant rush to the border, and the immigration office would look like the line for Springtime for Hitler. “Would the last one leaving the USA please turn off the nuclear reactors?” would be the running joke.

    So I have to assume that if I really believed in all these leftist ideals, then I’d be looking around the world for a country that followed my prescription for utopia. Count up the countries in the world, subtract one for the USA and that’s about how many countries have more socialism that this country – there’s gotta be a few that have the political systems these people want. Now, maybe one country has better Universal Healthcare, so one Loser Lefty picks that country. And another may have a bus for every 30 citizens, so some nutjob picks that one. The comparison of a lefty living in the USA is like me living in France or even Russia. I wouldn’t wait until somebody I really disliked took over, I’d be climbing the walls to get out ASAP.

    But the liberals are not.

    The answer is (of course) that all these socialistic countries are reaping the “benefits” of socialism. Nobody wants to leave the good ol’ USA because life is better here than in the best of these other countries and sucks big camel dongs in most. In the worst of them, you just hope to die soon; fortunately you probably will. After all, these countries have (by definition) been exposed to more failed liberal ideas that America. So the answer comes up to: Liberals don’t want to move out of the USA because every place else is worse off than here, and they are worse off because liberal ideas do not work.

    Now, I’ll give some credit and say they think their ideas would work, if only they were in charge. But it seems to me that the overwhelming majority of liberals know for a fact that their ideas will hurt our economy and bring the lifestyle of this country more in line with all these other socialist countries. So we are back to the question, why are they still here? If they want to turn the USA into yet another ho-hum country (or worse), why don’t they just move to a country that is already there?

    This time, the only answer I can conclude is that they want to enjoy the ride down.

    It’s clear that they do not want to arrive at their destination - if they did, they would move to a country that has already arrived. Why wait and struggle for your utopia, if you can just immigrate to it? But of course, they don’t. So the only reason I can see, is they want to enjoy life bought and paid for by the productive labor of others, for as long as they can make it last. They are basically parasites, living off of the lovers of freedom, and enjoying the party while it lasts.

    In closing, you can add this line to the end of the first paragraph: In other words, people who are standing in the shadows just waiting use a ballot box to mug somebody else.
  2. Socialist alternatives. Hah! Even China is fueled by capitalism now.

    Resistance is futile. All will be assimilated.

    Why bother leaving?