anticipating the right move and still loosing money

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  1. this is the kind of stuff that really p... me on.

    I was anticipating that the intraday gap in NQ would be closed. So I placed a short sale @1330 at the first sign of an reversal, which turned out to be too early and was stopped out. Then I tried for the second time, because I know when it eventually comes down, the move is very fast and you can hardly enter on the ask side. So, short @ 1331 and covered as the NQ did make an upside move til 1335 and I was confronted with my inner fear. ( Hey dude, it can go to the sky!!)

    Of course gap was filled @ around 1325.5 without me and I'm just f... off.
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    "losing" :cool:
  3. Oh yes, thanks for correction. I'm such a loser can't even write "losing" in the correct way.
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    You may have had a losing trade, but that doesn't make you a loser :cool:
  5. Just made it back in NQ and now I quit for today.
  6. hey, just to make you feel better: I anticipated that LEXR will go down today, shorted at 18.08, in the next 2 minutes the price droped to 17.00, I hesitated about 10 seconds even though my target was +$1.00 and it retraced back to 17.40 before I covered, so I missed a nice 6% move. But I don't care, I forgot it after about 15 minutes. This trade made me a better trader :cool: I know what went wrong and what was my mistake. Am I a loser - *** no! To repeat your mistakes - that's what makes you a loser!
  7. so many edge players contribute during high volatility stalls. most people do not regognize them (do a search) and really fight the market and just hand it over to people who are there to take their capital.
  8. Heilbronner - You DID make the right move! You got out when the trade went against you.

    You said it yourself - it could have gone to the sky!

    What you lost here was some money. The important thing is that you saved enough of your capital to trade another day.

    Don't beat yourself up because your stop got hit. Chalk it up to the cost of doing business and move on to the next trade.
  9. You didn't anticipate a right move. you went to predict right move,
    which were not.
  10. Entry: predict
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