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  1. Transmitting via i-phone from plains of Texas.

    Ok Fellas what I'm about to reveal is not to taken lightly and I'm as serious Mandelbrot dropping another basket of fries. Yes, I've been sitting here near Waco knocking back a few and scanning the sky with a 20 klick stare. But I just watched the news and what I saw sent chills down my old bones.

    The plane crash in Libya caught my eye. The tail fin was the only part left. The logo was upside down 999, or 666...Big deal right?
    That would be true but there was one survivior, a 10 year old miracle boy! Prochecy says the antichrist will decend in the area of ancient Persia, and his sign will be 666!!! The horned one didn't have a scratch on him, check his pic..

    You heard it here first.. BTW, anyone hear about the mystery whale off the shore of Israel? Coincedence? maybe but I say it's related.

    Dr. Rennick Buggenhagen out:cool: (Guy that outed ANTICHRIST in Omen)
  2. He had 2 broken legs. I call that a scratch.
  3. I'll start worrying when I start seeing christians disappearing (poof!) into thin air. We do have a resident authority on the subject right here though. :D
  4. 666
  5. Did you catch the 'Dega Race when you visited Alabama?

    - Spydertrader
  6. I didn't see that, but the article did say the plane vaporized. No one survives that, this kid had help! The Pope needs to put a contract on him just to be on the safe side...
  7. Was there last year with the little lady.:cool:
  8. We missed last year, but attended the last few years before that.

    I didn't realize we had so much in common. Next time I steer the Allegro Bus down South (or West) we will have to tip back a few beers (or bottle [or three] of vodka).

    - Spydertrader
  9. "We thank God for the sole survivor. In his survival, we see that even in this dark cloud of death, there is this ray of hope," said Thabo Makgoba, Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town."

    maybe they should be cursing god for murdering the 130.
  10. The infield at Talladega is a world of its own, yearly Woodstock of Rednecks. I love it. You ought to steer that ride into middle Texas. Giant Waffle cones tearing up the plains, nothing like the chase. These days it's getting crowded, it's like a damned circus. Funny thing is most are clueless rookies following a local tv's weather truck into the action. They had a hilarious story where the tv weather crew turned on their flashers and pied pipered a convoy of chasers around the Dallas beltway for hours.

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