Anti-Zionist Jews condemn Gaza massacres

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  1. A worldwide organization representing anti-Zionist Jews has strongly condemned the ongoing mass killing and maiming by the Israeli occupation army of hundreds of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

    In an “urgent statement” released Sunday, the Neturei Karta organization called on the world community to “stop the wild beast of the Zionist state from destroying the Palestinian people.”

    “We Orthodox Jews condemn the murderous terrorism and gangsterism of the Zionist murder machine,” read the statement, reacting to the killing of as many as a hundred Palestinians, mostly innocent civilians, including some 20 children, during the past 72 hours.

    The statement went only saying that “for sixty years the Zionist butchers have been expelling, occupying, ghettoizing, terrorizing and killing Palestinians who simply want their rights restored in their homeland of historic Palestine.

    “We call on all peace-loving nations to take every measure to stop the madness unleashed by the Zionists and to restore the rights of the Palestinians, thereby ending all suffering and bloodshed of all people in historic Palestine.”

    The statement affirmed that the Israeli state didn’t represent the Jewish people and religion.

    “They may call themselves Jews, but they are not following the Jewish religion. They are barbarians and butchers. They defile and desecrate the holiness of our religion, of our Torah.”

    The statement offered “deepest condolences and sympathy” to the entire Palestinian people who must constantly face the effects of Zionist terrorism.

    Neturei Karta, which means “Guardians of the City,” is an international organization of Orthodox Jews dedicated to the propagation and clarification of Torah Judaism.

    The organization is firmly opposed to Zionism on theological and moral basis. The organization often accuses Israel of generating anti-Semitism by acting and behaving in ways inconsistent with Jewish morality and ethics, including the Ten Commandments.
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  3. Wael,

    Why don't the Palestinians just stop firing rockets into Isreal?

    Obviously, Palestine is engaging in a war they cannot possibly win and using methods they cannot possibly believe can make any difference.

    The only conclusion you can draw is that they are trying to draw Isreal into a fight knowing full well they will just destroy the place.

    Hence, they are sacraficing their own people and for what reason? To make isreal look bad?

    You would think that the Palestinian people would demand the rockets stop being fired as it is really at the root of a lot of their problems.
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    You can say the same thing to Israelis.
  5. We are merley lefting our forearm to sheild ourselves from the blows of the attacking bully. A bully who wants to take it on us because he had his ass handed to him few months back.
  6. I understand the need to at least feel as though they are doing something but they are using their forearm to stop a sledgehammer and what some believe is perhaps the sledgehammer would stop if the forearm wasn't used.

    It just seems very short sighted and ultimately a loser.

  7. Actually it's enough to take a look at the West Bank to see the difference. While the situation in the WB is far from perfect of course, the economy is booming, people have jobs, money, food, no one bombs them, no one attacks them, no one invades them.

    And they have not even recognized Israel, they have not even made peace, they have simply stopped terror attacks, started to negotiate in good faith (hopefully) and [surprise, surprise] the world, Israel, the West, even the muslim world are all on their side and more than happy to help.