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  1. This forum is about discussing the documentary Zeitgeist and what it claims to be the enslavement of the human race.

    I would appreciate all thoughts on both sides of the issue.

    The reason I am creating this thread is as follows:

    I started trading for one simple reason. I know I am an entrepreneur. I have and always will be one.

    Upon realizing what I was, I began to search for ways on how to use the skill I was created with. This meant starting a business, which is almost impossible without capital. I couldn’t get enough capital no matter of what I did so I became an entrepreneur the only way I knew how, Sales.

    The Reason I needed to become separate or "independent" were as follows:

    I noticed that companies paid tax on net income not gross. I noticed that Nortel had insane revenues but declared little net in comparison.

    I then realized that if we charged all companies tax on revenue and not net we would bankrupt them, and in fact we would have bankrupt them before they ever started.

    This led me to conclude that if every person is their own business, (this is true because the most heavily traded commodity is time, and when you work you are "Trading Your Time") then taxing the populous on gross will only lead to no growth, and debt bondage/slavery, since the business costs of running themselves are not tax deductible.

    I am an excellent salesman, and I found peace in the fact that not only was the oldest profession sales, but sales was also the only form of entrepreneurship that required no capital.

    From the time I was a boy I thought that stockbrokers bought and sold stock like a trader does and just gave advice to the customer that they were following themselves. We all know this is not the case, but many still believe this to be true.

    After realizing the problem with "Sales" I looked into trading and began to trade securities. This was back in the late 90s so naturally I thought I was good at it. It occurred to me later that all one had to do was throw a dart at the business section and wherever that dart landed was the stock you would buy and it would be a winner.

    Luckily for me I spent all my money before the collapse, so I only lost profit. LoL.

    So then this movie zeitgeist comes out, and explains with REVERSE logic that we are in perpetual debt that enslaves people. Obviously this immediately made me think about how to get around the power over me, as I’m sure it did with many of you.

    At the end of the movie it brings a call to action, like any good speechmaker would write. It says: "The revolution is now!"

    This is where the problem is. Noticing that I was in debt bondage, revolution seemed like the natural course of action, and it was. I noticed that in every single circumstance, oppression always brought revolution, whether it was the American Revolution or something small like bully’s oppression over students in columbine. The fact remained that free will was in human nature and that nature would always try to protect itself by any means necessary, even violent revolution.

    I also realized that technology, and knowledge although being oppressed, still found a way to excel, and it had been from the times of the spinning jenny at the minimum.

    This led me to conclude that if technology doesn’t grow in tandem with humanity, there will be a violent revolution.

    Well, technology hasn’t kept up with humanity. The nuclear bomb is an extremely easy concept, for the technology is at least 60 yrs old. Its predates the VIC 20 and the commodore 64, and its only a matter of time before some 14 kid from Idaho builds a nuke. (I know weapons grade uranium is hard to get but is regular uranium? there are many ways to separate it). If this kid was a suicide bomber we would be in serious trouble.

    So after hearing the "Zeitgeist" Call for revolution, I can only say,
    "Thank you for bringing this information, it has helped me a great deal. And I understand your reason to revolt, but... revolution is always violent, and it does bring change, but this change is always in the form of another cycle, and we don’t need to STOP the oppressors, we need to find a place for them in our unity. It’s the CYCLE that we need to stop.

    That being said lets take a look at the problem and how it was created.

    We have perpetual debt that increases the economy/ money supply. This debt is paid in forwarded taxation. This sucks, for obvious reasons, but my question remains! "WHER THE FU#K would we be without this system? In the dark ages! The truth remains, no matter how bad it sounds. And that truth is, WE OWE THE MONEY SUPPLIERS OUR WORLD PERIOD! They created it.

    However, we do not owe them our FREE WILL.

    Thus both sides are right in some way, which makes the worst kind of wars.

    If these unambitious small minded men want to control the world, then let them.

    Move on.

    There’s more to life as a libertarian and a fascist.

    Before I became a libertarian (I just use that word because it seems to be the closest to what I am) I was a great fascist, with real ambition. I didn’t want to rule the world after the age of 20, I wanted to rule existence itself!

    So my point is, we need to embrace this information, and start talking about it. And we start talking about it by disproving everything we can about it.

    Then, and only then, will we realize what we need to do?

    We need to keep the system by INVESTING in exponential production. This will increase the size of the "KNOWN” world and in turn give both control to the controllers and freedom to the entrepreneurs of the universe.

    That’s my thought, but what your take on the documentary?
  2. whats so hard about not borrowing i wonder...
  3. What do you mean by "rule existence"?

    Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find.
    When they find, they will be disturbed.
    When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all.

  4. looks like you just really didn't get it.
  5. I see that he's lowered his expectations since he was young.
    I encourage him to raise them back up.
    I don't mean to encourage anyone to gain the whole world.
    I mean that to rule everything is natural,
    and the Sons of God will never be content with less.
    The world is built on an heirarchical system.
    He is interested in how to be happy within that system.
    I can't help him with that.
    Any attempt to be happy in a heirarchy leads to death.
    I can help him see that the world is nothing,
    so that he might let it go in favor of everything.
    My help is troubling at first.
    Even if you wanted my help, you might get very upset.
    That's because nothing you think is true.
    You're entire frame of reference must be changed.
    It's like having the rug pulled out from under you.
    Once you see what I speak of is true, you will marvel.
    You will not rule this world at all.
    There is no world to rule anyway.
    The world is a state of mind.
    You may rule your state of mind.
    This will return your awareness to it's original condition.
    When you are aware...
    You will see that you rule heaven itself...all that is real.

  6. The world may be built on an hierarchical system, but the earth and universe are not, they are based on synergy.

    As for your comments on happiness in a hierarchical system leading to death, I don’t really understand what you mean unless you are one of those wonderful debaters that has surrendered his mind to faith because they "Feel" they have a sixth sense that the reasonable mind cant see, making ANY logical or reasonable argument against faith nullified.

    If you have something to share that is based on reason, then I would love to hear it.

    However, I doubt that you do, since you are quoting Jesus, who is part of one of the biggest hierarchical structures in existence.

    I also think that you are responding to my post without even watching the movie, which says to me you want to be heard for your own gratification and not to help others. This is very un-Jesus like in my opinion, but it’s your god complex.

  7. I've seen the whole movie.
    I will sometimes makes statements that seem to come out of the blue.
    If you challenge any of them, I can show you that they are backed by reason.
    It may not look like reason to you, but it will at least be logical.
    What you will notice most is the consistency in my presentation.
    I am not the Jesus that has been handed down to you second hand.
    The Jesus you are familiar with is a character emerged after a long game of "telephone" over the centuries.
    The misrepresentations began with the majority of apostles,
    apostle want-to-be's, and their decendants, who took it upon themselves to censure those teachings and teachers which were closer to the truth.
    I represent to you the actual teachings of Jesus, as originally seeded, preserving the meaning of his teachings, even though the words may differ.
    I quote Jesus but do not list Bible verses because I do not promote the Bible as an accurate source of info.
    It is only about 5% accurate.
    I speak in first person because it is easier, and conveys a clearer rendering of what I am saying.
    I would not use first person if I was not convinced that what I am saying is of value, and highly accurate.
    I won't discuss how I am aware of what I teach.
    Rather, I just let the words stand on their own, to be accepted or rejected by your mind, which is making judgments.

    I am able to share info of value to the open-minded.
    I chose to offer something to you because you expressed,
    at least in your youth, a desire to rule existence.
    I am all about ruling everything, so there was some kinship.
    But if you are not serious about ruling everything, I probably cannot offer you anything at this time.

    As regards to the movie director's opinion of my existence...
    His research is dazzling. His conclusions are baffling.
    His argument is a lot like denying there were twin towers,
    just because the official story about 911 is in dispute.
    Likewise, there is an "official" story about me.
    It is disputed. It is disputable. Even I dispute it.
    That does not mean there was not a catalyst that gave rise to all the controversy.
    Look at the nature of the controversy and the intensity of the players...
    ...only the willfully blind would deny the existence of an extraordinary catalyst.
    He believed he could score credibility points for the rest of his research about 911,
    by pandering to common misperceptions, pop orthodoxy, and conventional wisdom.
    As far as I am concerned, he reduced his credibility with this gaping flaw in his reasoning capacity.

  8. When I say "world" I generally mean from the Big Bang(s) onward, encompassing all of time.
    And this is because time is finite, and also finished.
    I stand at the beginning of time, and also at the end.
    The information I offer explains the beginning of "the beginning", and also the ending of "the end" of the world.
    Time is holographic, not linear.
    A consciousness forces the linear experience of time.
    Guilt is the consciousness that forces a linear experience of time for each individual.
    Guilt is ultimately a false concept, therefore not real.
    Thus, time is an illusion, and the linear experience of time is also unreal.
    Believe it or not.
    The guilt is not reasonable,
    my explanation of the circumstances is more reasonable than science has yet been willing to explain.

    The heirarchical system I speak of is a system of thought leading to the Big Bang(s).
    It begins with the concept of differences.
    It proceeds with the valuation of differences.
    All power is shared equally in reality.
    There is no heirarchy in heaven.
    There are no differences in heaven.
    This world is the opposite of heaven,
    so it defaults to a heirarchy.

    As for faith, this world is built entirely on faith.
    Before this world, there is no such thing as faith.
    Heaven has no use for faith.
    Heaven has knowledge. Why have faith when you can know?
    This world is built upon the unknown, and the unknowable.
    Nothing is ever for certain.
    So faith takes the place of certainty.
    Faith gives power to belief.
    Whatever the mind believes,
    faith will see to it that it manifests as "real" and "true".
    The world will never be real or true.
    It is a strange mental phenomenon in a mind equally as powerful as God.
    It is a private domain in such mind,
    with "Keep Out" signs posted everywhere.
    Regarding the truth, it puts up this sign: "No Proof Allowed".
    So there is not much proof that truth is true,
    in a world build entirely on the false.
    Nothing about the world is true,
    and that is the most true thing that can be said about it.

  9. As for what the world is "about"...what's happening...what it is for...
    I can inform you with a high degree of certainty that no one in the world has much of a clue what the world is for, how it really came to appear, or how to solve it's problems.
    If they knew, they would not appear to be here.

    Prior to the Big Bang(s), the mind-set that makes the world is enraged by what it percieved as a huge loss.
    Furious, it is intent upon displacing blame for the loss somewhere else.
    There is nowhere else.
    So the mind-set makes somewhere else.
    It makes a 'dump' and proceeds to expell the fire in a mind that feels like it is burning down.
    Just as there is nowhere else,
    there is none else to blame.
    So it proceeds to make "others",
    and dumps the blame onto them.
    To accomplish this, it shatters mind into fragments,
    giving each fragment a form.
    Whether the form is an atom, or a corporation of atoms percieved as a 'body', it is all the same.
    The world is all about images seeing others as unworthy, different, and dangerous.
    The world is built on thoughts of attack.
    Look around and see for yourself:
    Everything is attacking everything all the time.
    What you see is a form of vengeance.
    Everything perishes.
    Nothing lasts.
    Death rules.
    Confusion and secrecy conceal motive.

    Fear touches everything.
    Energy itself is the thought of fear manifest,
    making fear the building block of the world.
    The fear actually masks the guilt.
    Believe it or not.
    Fear compells the mind to warp into overdrive,
    literally inventing the concept of thinking,
    which proceeds to inventiveness and ingenuity,
    which proceeds to build this world,
    quark by quark, atom by atom.
    It then proceeds to destroy it,
    bomb by bomb.
    Nothing lives but that something else must die.

    So what's happening?
    The same thing over and over and over again.
    The world is not evolving toward any kind of perfection.
    It's actually spinning it's wheels, masked by some long cycles.
    What's being acted out in form are the feelings and concepts,
    held in the mind-set at the very conception of this world...
    ...back to that feeling of utter catastrophic loss, and subsequent feelings of guilt and fear and vengeance.
    That is all that is happening in the world.
    The forms of the world are merely symbols masking concepts and motives.
    Everything is scripted from beginning to end.

    The names change, but the script remains the same.
    The CFR, Rothchilds, Rockerfeller, the consolidation of power...
    nothing new under the sun.
    In one incarnation you are the one beating up the world.
    In another incarnation, you are the one being beaten up by the world.
    Round and round, back and forth, the dance of victim and victimizer twirls across a macabre stage.
    The world is set up so that as soon as you solve one problem, two more pop up to distract you.
    What the world does is distract the mind that makes it from the truth.
    It is built on deception, and the self-decieved will never see through it.

    There appear to be many problems in the world.
    Actually there is only one problem,
    which dates back to the beginning.
    There was only one mistake.
    All the rest is built on this one mistake.
    It is a mistake because it was a false judgment, resulting in self-condemnation.
    The world has no real cause. Causleless, it does not exist.
    It's a mind-f_ck....a trick...a delusion...a fantastic hallucination in a very powerful mind.
    The world is the morphing of mind into something it is not,
    beating itself up over something that never happened,
    holding grievances for damages it can never truly inflict.

    The world is built on the belief in a problem.
    There is no problem.
    There is no world.
    That's the truth.
    Only the truth is true,
    and nothing else is true.
    And that's the good news.

  10. too bad you didnt back anything you said up with that so called logic

    You sound lost to me man, I agree with a lot of what you said but only because I back it up with real reason. I've thought a lot about god over the years and I have only been able to come up with 2 true things:

    1. God is in everything and everyone

    2. I am too limited a being to every really understand God

    Thats all I feel there is to God. Once again you have wasted my time with unbacked, unquantified statements. you appear to be using the same reverse logic of zeitgeist, so maybe that was your secret MO all along.

    I hope the next realization you have goes well, and you dont commit suicide if you ever see the truth of my perception.

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