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  2. Maybe. Or maybe he can just hate himself and his own country so much that he remains blind to the evil he's implicitly supporting.
    Um.... hmmmm.... let me think about it... maybe if successful means liberating horrifically oppressed people and protecting ourselves in the process, then, uh yeah - opposing it was objectively wrong. If opposing it means insisting on believing everyone who had something to say against your country and its leaders, and refusing to believe anyone who had something to say in favor of them, then, yeah, there was probably some moral culpability there. Or stupidity.
    Why the quotation marks? I suppose you have some difficulty applying the word to the state of no longer having to worry about a Stalinist dictatorship that used torture, murder, intimidation, theft, rape, and arbitrary imprisonment as a systematic policy?
    I'm pretty tired of pointing out how frequently YOU PEOPLE (if you'll excuse the phrase) state your beliefs as though they are facts, especially when you've given no one any reason to give you the benefit of the doubt.
    ... if world opinion jumped off a cliff, would you? If world opinion stood on the side of a fascist dictator and his murderous clique, would you? Oh yeah, you would...
    Please make a note of this statement. In that rescuing the Iraqi people and removing a base for terrorism, among all of the other reasons for fighting, don't move you, I presume this last statement means that if you get all the evidence you or anyone could stand, or stand to ignore, you'll THEN finally admit that you were wrong?
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    Freedom has a price.
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  4. Quote from stockoptionist:[/i]

    The end or outcome still doesn't make the war legitimate.

    You really believe that? After 17 UN Resoulutions say otherwise?

    Look again. The liberated Iraqi people would strongly disagree with you.

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  5. 1000% correct.
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  6. QUOTE]Quote from KymarFye:

    Maybe. Or maybe he can just hate himself and his own country so much that he remains blind to the evil he's implicitly supporting.

    again, supporting dictators and radical policy shifts of preemptive war are distinct. one may oppose the dictator and, simultaneously, believe that war is not the preferred solution. you are mixing the issues.

    China is at least as evil a regime as Iraq was. they put people in dungeons for practicing the wrong religion. they execute children without a trial. they've occupied and murdered thousands of Tibetians. etc. -- do you support a war, today, with China?

    using the logic posted above, if you do not call for war with China to liberate the billion oppressed victims, you are supporting tyranny and opression. and, as stated above in the thread, you are a coward, an appeaser, blind, and an accomplice to the torture. you hate America, you hate values, you hate the flag, you hate yourself. shame on you.

    does that make any sense?

    if not, why not?

    Why the quotation marks?

    the quotes refer to the policy, not the result. the people may, in fact, be liberated, but 'liberation' as a policy did not appear until after all other justifications had been less than successful in swaying opinion. that leads one to believe it was not the sincere objective.

    If world opinion stood on the side of a fascist dictator and his murderous clique, would you? Oh yeah, you would...

    come on...
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    I heard a few interviews with anti-war protesters, every one was as dumb as a tree stump.

    It is the same crowd that is against globalization and they are very environment oriented I guess. I work with one actually, biggest problem we had when I came into the department was finding the guy all day, literally. He was out using his time to block people from building housing basically, teamed up with an environmental attorney, then he sits and bitches about the high cost of his krappy apartment!!! I made the bosses do their job and now he has to be here all the time, still doesn't do much work but I feel good just seeing the jerk trapped all day. F%$k em all.

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  8. Are you hippies just retarded, or what?
    Warhawks like myself have been saying all along that this war is a better option than just doing nothing. We've been saying all along that by liberating the Iraqi people, we're doing them a favor.

    Now that it's obvious we were right all along, you still can't admit it?! Even the Iraqi disinformation minister has given up.

    So seriously, are you hippies all retarded, or what?
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    Ooh, that's a tricky one....
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    If the end or outcome doesn't make a war legitimate...then what does?

    I mean, if seeing the Iraqi people jubilant doesn't faze you. Then what would? or is your hatred of the US so blinding that you just can't see straight?
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