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    A lot left to be done. A lot. But people need a cathartic release after 35 years.
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  2. Hey, wild/msfe/+aliases; you like to post from your favorite rag, The Guardian, so don't mind if I do:,2763,932957,00.html

    "James Meek of the Guardian, who was with the US Marines, said resistance to the Americans had "all but collapsed" and the numbers of soldiers in the city now seemed disproportionate.

    "Most of the people we've seen have been very happy to see us. They've been putting their thumbs up and shouting 'Thank you Mr. Bush'," he said."

    Did you get that, wild/msfe/+aliases? The formerly oppressed Iraqi people were shouting:
    'Thank you Mr. Bush'
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    Absolutely....and with a British accent to boot. Picture the hair coming out from underneath that helmet and flying side to side.

    Maybe we could get Emma from CNBC a uniform and an AR-15.
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  4. all the anti war bashers are gone, they were cowards before the war, and cowards after the war as well !
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    More mind control (the secret US weapon) being used on the poor Iraqi people in Baghdad. Why else would they be doing this?!?!

    (msfe/wild or alfonso please provide link to Observer, Spectator, Guardian and explain it all for us)

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  6. And the Iraqi people said, "Bring us the head of Saddam Hussein!"



    And so it was done...

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  7. You wish.

    I'm more disgusted than ever. This is still an illegal imperialist war and occupation. These pictures simply show that the Iraqis know how to respond to the latest dictator. They partied and thronged and even kissed Saddam until a few days ago. So now they respond similarly to the latest thugs with guns.

    Party on War Pigs.
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  8. Excuse me, I usually refrain from ad hominem attacks, in any event;

    Listen up, you f*cking moron, do you keep up with the news? Even Al-Jezzera is taking a very conciliatory tone in its coverage of these events and one of its reporters has stated that this could be the future course of other middle eastern countries*. Get a f*cking clue.

    *Without the US tanks, obviously.
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    c'mon resinate! Give war a chance! :D :D
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  10. Bahahaha......
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