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  1. This is a truly historic moment... akin to the falling of the Berlin Wall... this is a victory for both us and the decent people of Iraq...

    God Bless America and God Bless Free Iraq... now let us not rest... we must continue the war against Terror... we still have the Syrians, Saudis and Pakistanis to liberate...


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    An opportunistic young Iraqi man getting fresh with Samantha Sheppard, a soldier with the British 2nd Light Tank Regiment, offering her a flower during her patrol of east Basra:

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  3. Of course some are happy since Saddam was a dictator. The question is rather WHY DID THEY LET DICTATORS SO MANY YEARS RULE THE COUNTRY...

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    Christ Harry! What a signature!! Was the Library of Congress too short?
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  5. Being against a dictator doesn't mean chosing another evil like this skull and bones of Bush :

    Now when he speaks in name of God you know that he is making laugh at you hahahahhahahaha I hear his demoniac farce from here !

    But I'm not a believer so if extremists from all religions could kill one the other and let the others live quietly it would be great ! Halas it will not be the case : a minority of fascists and religious extremisms are driven the world into Chaos !
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  6. Don't spoil the fun, harry :)
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    nothing sexier than a woman caressing a big gun
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  8. Damn she's hot!! I hope Maxim magazine picks her up for their next issue!!
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  9. That bitch is mine!
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    Don't celebrate too early.

    This is what life is like in Najaf a week after liberation.
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