Anti-War Protestors -- A Serious Discussion

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  1. Let's talk about anti-war protesters. People just like this woman:


    What precisely are they protesting against? Let's look at the symbolism in that one picture. She has "peace" taped over her mouth so she can't talk. Well, isn't it peace that places tape around all those Iraqi people's lives so they can't escape the daily oppression brought about by Saddam's regime?

    I believe that anti-war protestors are the most selfish and hypocritical of all, since they go to such great lengths to disrupt the daily lives of others to broadcast this one message that, "peace, regardless of all those who must be tortured and murdered on a daily basis, must always be upheld and embraced!"

    It almost seems that these anti-war protesters do it solely for the attention and the glamour of being in the media spotlight. Its as if they must continue to resort to more dire extremes to get their message across, such as blocking traffic, faking death and even resorting to violence.

    In the United States, we enjoy the freedom of speech and personal expression. We are allowed to dress as we please and speak what we please without worry of being prosecuted by the state (to reasonable extents). These people are taking our own liberties and stretching them so far as to help destroy the very principles that exist to allow such freedoms in the first place.

    They'll shout, "NO BLOOD FOR OIL" -- but even that is a fallacy. For if you truly feel that way, then you should make a statement by not purchasing a gasoline consuming automobile but instead find some other form of transportation. If you are helping to increase demand, you cannot remain angry at increasing prices while also demanding that the United States not look after its financial and economic interests.

    The easiest thing to do is carry a sign around and scream at the top of your lungs. You get the attention and make the 5:00 o'clock news. If you were truly a person that cared, then you would do the silent things, the things that meant the most. You'd research the situation and you'd understand what its like to be a woman of Iraq who gets tossed around like a sex object -- unlike the upscale Manhattan girl who has to make hard decisions between Saks and Bloomingdales.

    If you want to change the world, start by making sacrifices off the camera and off the streets. Put the fucking sign down and start practicing what you are preaching to the rest of the world. Leave out the hypocrisy of your actions by taking on other actions that are much more silent but, in the end, far more powerful.

    If you're going to scream, "PEACE," then learn what PEACE is. There has been no PEACE for a long time throughout most of the world. You only want PEACE because you are to selfish to sacrifice some of your own PEACE for that of other people.

    Put the sign down and start helping. Become a part of the solution instead of adding countless more problems.
  2. Well said. Pacifists are the worst parasites. They wally in self-indulgent moral superiority, safe and secure because others do the dirty work.
  3. ditto
  4. personally I would execute every single one of them...................................Who wants to argue?????????????...............................(qualifications...Ex Falklands ...Red Beret...).....Come on , give me your childish civilian views..........

    and I HAVE executed scum ( said nonchantely)
  5. Trane


    Always amusing to see fools such as yourself scribe away this idiotic and equally self indulgent rhetoric from your Archie Bunker style lazy boys...

    stifle ya'self edith, oh, and whilze urs aat theres, ged me sum a dum ders freedoms fries...
  6. Babak


    True Story:

    Walking down the street when a guy came up to us and asked us to join a protest 'against the war with Afghanistan'. My brother looked puzzled and asked him, don't you mean Iraq?

    The guy looked confused and said, Iraq Afghanistan, who cares! War is bad'

    (I swear this is true) :eek:
  7. hEY bABak , did you bet him up!!!!:) :) :) :) :mad: :( :cool: :( :
  8. No - "the easiest thing to do" is hide behind a keyboard and pass snide and ignorant commentary on people who are willing to get out in the streets and stand up for what they believe in. And - yes I was in the street in Manhattan on Saturday exercising my right to public protest.
  9. ZBEAR


    I wish all demonstrators would have the conviction of
    their own most recent brilliant martyr,,,, Rachel Corrie.
    ( Caterpillar Corrie ).

    Now that's REAL Conviction!!!........REAL Passion !!!

    Yesssssir.........ya just can't help but admire that kind of "Activism".

    Simply Dazzling.........

    And ya gotta admit ......
    ......the world would be a much better place, if we saw "LOTS" more of the same.
  10. I know what the weather was like in Manhattan on Saturday. Basically you burned up a great golf day carrying around a piece of petroleum product (I'm sure it was laminated, which uses lots of oils) and protesting in public.

    Well, let's think about this logically. Do you really think that President Bush, while approaching the backdoor of Baghdad, is going to say, "Damn, these anti-war protestors are absolutely right, what the hell was I thinking all this time?"

    Of course not! The only thing you, along with every other ultra-liberal in Manhattan (and Manhattan isn't filled with ALL ultra-liberals of course) are doing is causing police to divert their attention away from possibly suspicious activity and causing them to make sure the whole lot of you don't start a damn riot in the middle of 50'th and 5'th.

    Meanwhile, a group of really evil terrorist scums are going to plan, prepare, arm and detonate the next attack while all of you continue to go on and on about how important peace is and how unimportant it is to defend our nation again Ricin, Anthrax, VX nerve gas, smallpox, small nuclear weapons, etc.

    I can't wait till I'm up in Manhattan again because if I see you guys carrying anti-war signs I'm going to give you the big fat middle finger.
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