Anti-war or anti-America?

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    WND probe exposes violent, revolutionary leadership of 'peace' movement

    Today's anti-war movement, while claiming publicly to advocate for peace, is dominated by organizations promoting Communism, anarchy, large-scale urban rioting, financial disruption, and violent attacks on governmental, corporate, military and media centers in America, according to the April issue of Whistleblower, WorldNetDaily's acclaimed monthly print magazine. The issue is titled "Anti-war or anti-America?"

    "Readers better sit down and take a deep breath before they read this issue," said Editor and CEO Joseph Farah. "Many dangerous, violent and profoundly anti-American organizations are using the current war as cover to try to bring America to its knees. They hate this country and openly advocate destroying it. Their cause has nothing to do with opposing war, but everything to do with opposing America. In some cases, both their tactics and their goals are not far from those of the very terrorists we are fighting."

    Indeed, some of the major "anti-war" groups are intimately connected with terrorist states like North Korea, as well as terrorist organizations in the Middle East. Some, like the international A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition, are closely allied with known communist organizations.

    I read because the post articles by bill oreilly, whom i am a fan of.

    I agree with what they are saying here. The so called peace rallies are really spreading violence.

    I'm in San Francisco, and the rally's are almost scary. The vibe is destructive. The signs banners and statues are depicting our President as the bad guy and Saddam as the good guy. Many of them depict the killing of Bush in either graphic or textual format.

    I see many kids, and families out there in the streets. Kids holding signs. To me this is a sign of propaganda, lots of big money is being poured into these peace rallies. The question is, WHY?

    This issue of WhistleBlower investigates the groups that are behind the peace rallies.

    What do you think of WND? is it extreme? or is it informative?
  2. your post is correct, and is the source of my anger, and the fact that the democrats have aligned themselves with these people will mean the destruction of their party.
  3. money is being funneled to these groups by socialists in europe with access to tax money, and by muslim extremist groups in the middle east with access to oil money. Don't for a second think that this is a grass roots movement.
  4. What utter bullshit.

    How long do you think you can keep leaning on the "they hate us" propaganda for, when the weight of evidence against is overwhelming?

    Canada, Norway, Holland, New Zealand -- and many others -- have these freedoms you say "they" hate, I don't see those countries being the targets of terror, or even the targets of "anti-freedom" rhetoric!

  5. I hope you get SARS
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    you haven't refuted the argument that the peace rallies are being funded by anti-american organizations.
  7. I'd love to see the proof first. There really wasn't much substance in the WND article, and Daniel Pipes doesn't add any substantive evidence to the argument either.

    I definitely think that organizations that are anti-american would like to fund the efforts of protest groups within the US, but we have to find some direct evidence before we let Mondo execute them for being "traitors".
  9. At least this thread has allowed us to pinpoint the cause of your anger.

    Good job Lundy!!!:)
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