Anti-Walker Union Goon starts balling on CNN....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Union Goon starts crying "this is the end of democracy."

    No this is taxpayers finally fighting back and being able to stick up to you useless ass holes. We cant outnumber you leeches anymore so the only way we can fight back is with money, unfortunately for you and your union goon buddies, we have more of it, alot more of it. :D

    He then goes on to say "this is the end of America as we know it," He was right on that account, the America as he knows it where he gets to live off of other people for exorbitant pay and very little work, is coming to an end, Its going to be a real bitch when he has to work as hard as the rest of us.

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  2. Ha!!

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  4. wtf is going on. Boehner is bawling, union goon is crying, thugs get shot on the street and cry for mama, Obama puts the toilet seat up otherwise Michelle is going to slap his ass.

    The end of America happened when that union guy started crying like a fuckin baby.

    Go long Kleenex....
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    The headline in the video "democracy died tonight" - the irony, right after an election! Since when does democracy = unions getting their way?
  6. Walker raised too much money. It's not fair. That seems to be the lefts message regarding democracy being lost.

    However Obama's record breaking funding in 2008 was what democracy is all about.

  7. I kid you not when Bush won his second term the school teachers wore black armbands in school.

    The other biggie during that election was the rumor (spread by the teachers union) Bush was going to brink back the draft, btw it was Rangel (D) who advocated for the draft.
  8. Mav88


    politics is religion to these people, it's dangerous. Take that blabbering crying idiot who can't believe that given identical information, someone else will make different choices. His emotional attachment to his fucking union and its entitlements makes you understand why in the past people have killed for this sort of thing.
  9. a little something to cheer up the good people of wisconsin. Milwaukee is a nice little city, guess where all the shit they dump in the lake ends up? Chicago! haha.

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  10. This was a fight won against the political elite, against the haves, against the top 10% in terms of lifetime compensation.
    Us 90 percenters won.
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