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  1. Hi everyone,

    What sort of real-time scanning anti-virus protection do you guys have on your main ATS computer?

    If you don't use real-time scanning due to the penalty in performance (?), I'd be interested to know in what other anti-virus software you use (if any) ?


  2. nothing. the boxes have windows XPx64 or W7x64 and have a few basic applications on them like API software and a small C# application. Trading boxes do not have IE installed and do not ever connect to the internet - Intranet only between the box and the execution server and box and quote server.

    Everything else has SEP - Symantec Endpoint Protection
  3. I'm not an expert on anti-virus software, but I've learned a lot lessons the hard way by having bad experiences with most of the name brand products. I finally settled on ESET Nod32. It's light weight, very fast, real-time and I've never had a problem with it.
  4. I have a virus right now. I can't access my control panel. This message pops up

    Application not found

    I got this fake anti-virus 2010, found some down load that fixed that. Next up was my browser kept redirecting. Somehow I fixed that with some software download.

    Now my mouse is acting up. When I type a few sentences the cursor moves by itself and my typing begins in a middle of a sentence somewhere else. It happened just now.

    I'm sure I can fix this with the control panel but I can't get to it.

    As is, I can use my laptop.

    I ran one scan and it listed:

    Backdoor agent

    I haven't found any free virus removals for these.

    Any comments. tia
  5. reformat, you could try free kapersky or trend micro housecall, look em' up.
  6. i've never tested all the av programs available and don't know if there's one that truly
    protects against ANY virus/threat, i suspect not

    i've been using Avira free version, new computer, there's no drag and it can be turned
    off temporarily when not surfing, firewall is a must-have

    if the 'virus' can be identified, google it and often others have been hit by it and there's
    usually a removal solution

    this weekend i got hit by 'sdra64.exe' and used ComboFix to remove it and associated
    the Avira av sw didn't even detect much less prevent sdra64.exe from getting on the
    computer and didn't see it in a scan and so didn't remove it

    such utilities as ComboFix and others are updated regularly but may not on occassion
    defeat a new virus, so one has to look around for a solution
    utilities such as HijackThis are unable to remove an sdra64.exe type infection
  7. Thanks

    micro housecall found nothing, I'm going to check kapersky again, many of these have free scans but then you have to buy the fix.

    I suppose I could buy the fix but what if there's something else, then I have to buy another fix.
  8. Never found a trojan that combofix could not annihilate. And I've seen a few that pass flying colors through most of the AV scans. Be careful with combofix (you need to strictly follow the rules as it goes into regedit area), and I suggest to sign up on bullguard and have a moderator walk you through the steps, as they are very good and free there.

    Also Avira is a great free tool and I don't get many viruses that slip through. Other than that, make sure to have your firewall on.
  9. This is why I use a VM under Linux for my trading. Take VMWare snapshots every few weeks, so if something gets hosed, you roll back without a huge amount of time commitment. The part I worry about and haven't fixed yet is detecting rogue network traffic.

    I am not about low-latency, so I don't care about the speed hit too much. With a nehalem, you can't even tell it's even in a VM. You could probably work something else similar out in Windows too.
  10. since this is in automated trading section the real answer is to look on craigs list and buy an old crappy computer to surf porn with and leave the ATS/Trading to the computer that doesn't touch the internet.

    you want to be able to turn off your firewall, run without AV and give your ATS as much processing power & system resources as possible.

    Like I said - go buy an old (or buy two, three, etc.) P4 or AMD box for $50 on CL and use that to watch porn/torrent/whatever.
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