anti virus/firewall to use with IB?

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  1. hi. i'm using f-secure right now and it's causing problems with my Ib prog. so i'm thinking of changing. i tried norton and didn't like it too much. any suggestions would be great. i was thinking of using a router for the firewall but my main concern is having the IB platform run smoothly. thanks very much:)
  2. i use sygate's free firewall fwiw.. no problems w/ IB .

    * also have a router which i would recommend as well.
  3. gaj


    i use an offshoot of zone alarm (CA's e-trust ez armor/firewall), and it works fine.
  4. rcj


    McAfee(not firewalled) and Windows Defender.
    Linksys router(firewalled). Ive never had a problem
    using this setup with TWS.

    ... rj
  5. BSAM


    Windows Live OneCare.
  6. NYCYK


    AVG-Free and Zone Alarm (Free), no problems so far on XP.
  7. Free AVG and free ZoneAlarm. Seems to work better than the Norton or McAfee "suites" that cost money and were not particularly satisfactory.
  8. I wouldnt recomend a software firewall, they eat up resources and arn't always effective. Get a good router based firewall and a good AV like NOD32 or Kaspersky
  9. superb info.thanks alot. i didnt think about the router part.that sounds like a good idea. the f-secure is eating up resources and i think thats why it's messing up the Ib platform.
  10. you can look into this device reviews for it's effectiveness are pretty good.
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