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  1. Gentle beings of ET, wondering as you have where the noble Jack Hershey has gone (absent from ET 19 days), and the estimable H. Plecostomus (44 days gone), I can now reveal that they have been collaborating with Mumbai's Best Cafe Shop, Internet Coffee, and Index Futures Trading Club on a new trading tool.

    I can tell you, it was an experience watching them work together. Jack brought his llamingos, and Hypostomus mistakenly thought Kokomo was a female. I don't know which of them was the more surprised to discover the misunderstanding. Probably it was Hypo, who unfamiliar as he is with llamingo anatomy, was perfectly happy until Kokomo realized he wasn't Jack.

    In any event, all went smoothly after that, and we are pleased to reveal to ET the result of Jack's and Hypo's collaboration: the Anti-System. Initially developed for not trading NQ, the Anti-System is the antithesis of most trading systems, which tell you WHEN to trade. The Anti-System tells you when NOT to trade.

    The attached screen shot demonstrates its power during the 11/06 session. The charting service is E-Signal, the index future is NQ Z6, and the period is one minute. E-Signal has beseeched us not to publish our association with them, but so far they have not met our blackmail demands.

    We direct your attention to the lower pane in the chart. The yellowed out times (color chosen to exemplify Hypo's frequent ejaculation "Oh piss, there's no trade here!") signify that you should stand aside, thus felicitously avoiding loss. When the pane is clear, you may trade as you wish, so long as you recognize that you're probably going to lose money anyway. The correspondence between the yellowed-out areas and the absence of a profitable trading opportunities we think is clear.

    The .efs code is available gratis to all who PM Jack begging him to return to ET. All we ask is that you tithe ten percent of the money you didn't lose to our favorite charity, The Orphans of Muslim Suicide Bombers. Peace be to you all, ET! And that means all y'all!
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  2. My beloved son Rahula, how ashamed your beautiful mother Yasodara and I are to see you squandering your valuable insights in such a lust-blinded place as ET. I abjure your from posting here again, and beseech you to return to your dignified outsourced job providing customer support to Spanish-speaking clients of Time-Warner Cable. The lack of response here proves what I have long told you, that ET are fools, scoundrels, or both. They all want to make money, but none relaize that this also means not losing money. Begone from this foolish place!
  3. Hypo, you must be the only one left who still trades that POS NQ. My personal NQ anti-trade system assures that I never initiate a trade in that market. How's that for a comprehensive approach?
  4. Please do not demonize NQ traders. They are fetishistic, to be sure, but all trading is. Trading intraday on the limit order side is merely ritualized larceny, so market order traders take every advantage they can find to avoid victimization while still getting their fix.

    In my experience treating NQ traders, they have delusions that round numbers offer S/R, that price runs in fixed increments, and that VWAP provides both market direction and S/R. Even worse, they believe that modern signal estimators are accurate, that low volume frees LO market makers to fuck MO traders with impunity, and that recent range is a good filter for profitable trading. I will not even dignify their fantasy that NQ follows classical Schabacker-era TA.

    Deluded fools! I am sure that you would much rather have them providing their liquidity to ES.
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    Hypo talking to himself again. As usual. :D
  6. Can you blame him? Intelligent conversation is so hard to come by on ET. But you notice that no one challenged the notion than low volume and low range facilitate price manipulation. That's what other people call randomness.