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  1. Well, it's 9:13 am, and I have just received my 55th email for the day of which 38 have been deleted as complete bulk mail spam; or in otherwords, my 15 year old daughter does not need information regarding how to enlarge her penis.

    I have never taken the time to research and install anti-spam software, but the time has definitely come. I use outook 2002 to receive email - what recommendations does this group have as the 'best' software to use?

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  3. There are numerous applicatons out there. Mailwasher looks pretty good. There's one that will send an immediate reply to the sender requesting they enter some kind of code number. When they do, the mail gets through. This is on the assumption that the spammers will never bother to do what the anti spam software requests them to do. This is a great way to eliminate false positives

    Check out Check Google and search for "anti-spam software" including the quotes. Check out all the features and benefits.

    Worse case, if your daughter has a throw away account like hotmail, etc. keep it and get another account which she should be instructed not to use in chat rooms, bulletin boards, etc. Use the spammed account for signing up on websites, etc.

    We have our own domain. Whenever I sign up on a website, I use the website's domain name so for Elite Trader, I use at If it starts getting spammed, I know what the root source is and simply delete the account and never return to the website.

    Don't put email links in on any websites you may have. for family and fun ( Write your email addresses in the following format:

    <script language=javascript>

    var email1 = ""
    var email2 = ""

    document.write("<a href=" + "mail" + "to:" + email1 + "@" + email2 + ">")
    Family Email
    <script language=javascript>



    where var email1 is the user's mailbox
    and var email 2 is the name.

    Down below where it says Family Email, replace with what you would like your link to say. You can see an example of this link at

    Hope this helps.

  4. I have been using SpamNet since it was in early beta. They are now in production and charge $3.99 per month. It filters out 99% of the spam, though some still get through - nothing is perfect :). in the last 72 hours, it got 1444 spam messages (ok, I get a lot of email).

    I would highly recommend it (I am in no way affiliated with them)