Anti-Semitism is a LIE!

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  1. Anti-Semitism is a lie.

    Jewish people are portrayed as poor, helpless, victims. 2% of the population, we must "Never forget".

    I see propaganda signs that say to "help rebuid" Israel and to "ensure their future". As you'll see, does they really sound like a group who is destroyed or in need of special help?

    I'm going to bust that myth wide-open.

    - almost every newspaper chain in North America is owned by Jewish people. Fact.
    How important is the media ? For example, when an army invades a country the first thing they do it take over the media. It is the ultimate weapon of control.

    Does this sound like a marginalized group who doesn't have a voice in the world?

    - Financial - Goldamn Sachs, need I say more? The industry is dominated by Jewish people in high positions.

    Does this sound like a marginalized group who doesn't have a voice in the world?

    -White House - 2% of the population has so much control?
    (do you think our kids fight and die for USA or for Israel?)

    Michael Chertoff
    Dov Zakheim
    Douglas Feith
    Richard Perle
    Paul Wolfowitz

    Alan Greenspan
    Ben Bernanke (100% control over our money supply)

    Does this sound like a marginalized group who doesn't have a voice in the world?

    Dear Abby - gave "advice" to almost the whole world, for decades, in almost every newspaper.

    Does this sound like a marginalized group who doesn't have a voice in the world?

    Hollywood and the pornography industry: dominated by Jewish people. Watch the credits of any TV show, from Gilligans Island, to Brady Bunch, to anything modern. Read the Executive Producer's name to see.

    Does this sound like a marginalized group who doesn't have a voice in the world?

    - Jewish Mob helped to build Las Vegas, one of the most profitable.

    Does this sound like a marginalized group who doesn't have a voice in the world?

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    straw man
  3. Do tell us which of the facts you disagree with, and why. It'll help estabish your credibility
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    Your premise - that is generally what straw men are.
  5. There must have been a conspiracy sometime in the history. The percentage of Jewish people was not more than 1% of the world, yet they constitute 100% of people who invented the theory of relativity.

    That is not fair! They are not supposed to be so smart, work so hard, and achieve so much when others didn't. Let's get rid of all the Jews so that we won't have nuclear power, won't have spaceship, won't have jeans, lipsticks, remote controls, pacemakers, contraceptivs, lasers, or beer and wine.

    If you don't like Jews, you'd better make sure that your life is free of these jewish influences.

  6. In 1947 this was the state of the Jews. They were banned from many social clubs, banned from living in certain neighborhoods , they were not well accepted in business, they were not trusted in society or government.

    Then they learned to work within the system, made important friends, got educated, assimilate into the greater population. They provided goods and services created wealth and overtime became very good at running business's.

    It is a template that should be followed by peoples who might be in a similar situation as the Jews of 1947.
    Jewish people are portrayed as poor, helpless, victims.......
    Gee...This sounds like the Palestinians...victims who only survive by the generosity of the evil Jews...

    The Palestinians should learn from the Jews and not shoot at them. Assimilte, educated, make friends, create wealth, grow businesses......Thats all.
  7. Well, first, how does your post prove that "Anti-Semitism is a LIE!"? I would conclude the opposite.
  8. None of the facts that I stated in my original post are slighest bit demeaning to Jewish people.

    But *I* find it demeaning to be lied to by a daily dose of propaganda on the news.

    But we do not have the freedom to talk this way in public.

    You will lose your career unless you support the continued "funding and aid" of Israel by american tax payers.

    The Blacks get nothing after Katrina, but hey we gotta keep funding this "poor, marginalized" group!

  9. It's pretty hard to do that when for FIFTY years your freedom of movement is restricted, your power and water and food are regularly cut off by a large military regime nation funded by the USA.

    Also hard to do when the IDF brainwashes every teeneager that they are "better" than everyone else and it's ok to kill and torture people. In fact, these kids don't even have the *freedom* to not join the army!

    Much like in communist nations, you HAVE to join. It's a dangerous idealogy and we have 50 years of oppressive violence to prove it.

    What IDF member would not want to kill torture an arab to death, I mean really, let's face the facts. I'm not joking. It would be a badge of honor to do this, would show that you are ruthless and therefore deserving of a leadership position. It's a culture of death.
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