Anti-semitic Z.O.G.

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by bond_trad3r, Mar 24, 2009.

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  1. What is ET's official position when it comes to the poster known as Z.O.G., whom constantly posts about Jewish people as the head of many of the world's central banks and whom absolutely despises Alex Jones.

    Some forum members have called him anti-semitic.
  2. Agree completely. If someone continuously posted about blacks or the elderly, would you take action?

    Half his posts are anti-semitic. I have used the Complain button about 3 times, but again, ET ignores this.

    Why does ET condone racism?????????????????
  3. Joe


    I put a ban on his account until I can look over his posts. If there are any particular posts that you feel are extremely offensive please send them to me in a PM and I will look into them.

    Elitetrader does not condone racist comments, if pointed out to a moderator they should be deleted.
  5. Pigs do fly.

    ZOG is beyond racist he is a nutcase. According to him jews are the problem in every single case. Any idea that was adopted by a jew for any reason becomes suspect. Following this logic, if Leon Trotsky ever brushed his teeth or took showers we should abstain from those activities.

    90% of his posts are as follows: "You are just a marxist lemming" and an imbecile smiley face.

    You probe him on the issues and he never replies. I asked him point blank why US did not attack Iran during neocon era even though ahmadenijad is the most outspoken critic of israel (we are talking about heads of state). I pointed out to him that during gulf war I, Iraq bombarded Israel with scuds and yet Israel stood down because US told it to.

    I also asked him what makes a white european a white european. He never replied.

    ZOG is a pile of human waste. His mere presence destroys the political forum on this site.
  6. Are you equally upset when there is Arab and Muslim bashing the equivalent of the bashing of Jews and jews and/or Israel by the poster in question?

    How about the level of attacks on our current president as somehow the cause of all of America's problems, which are often racist and vile? Does that disturb you as much as the poster in question and their attacks on Jews, jews, and/or Israel?

    My point is simple, should the hand of justice at ET be blind and apply the same principle to all equally, or should the hand respond to the majority of ET members, who are of the same political and religious opinions and complain the most vociferously?

    One other question: When you figured out the poster in question is the way he is...why didn't you click on the ignore button so that you wouldn't have to read his posts any more?

  7. some forummers find you anti-asian for your deragatory remarks against chinese people
  8. Joe


    All of Z.OG.'s posts are now deleted.
  9. Much appreciated. Will watch for his likely new alias.
  10. I'm anti-Chinese government becuase those fucking idiots keep buying our treasury bonds. I think the Chinese people are hard working people.

    I'm also going to call bullshit and ask that you post a link where I was anti-Asian.

    P.S. Fuck you
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