Anti-Obama film going gangbusters!

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    As you can see, Barry is not taking this well.

    Box Office Report: Anti-Obama Doc Drawing Big Crowds, Even in New York City
    6:01 PM PDT 8/21/2012 by Pamela McClintock

    An anti-Obama documentary based on conservative author Dinesh D’Souza’s book The Roots of Obama’s Rage will expand nationwide this weekend after doing notable business in select markets across the country -- including in liberally minded New York City.

    Overall, 2016: Obama's America grossed an impressive $1.2 million last weekend as it upped its theater count from 61 to 169 for a total gross of $2 million, the second-best showing of the year for a documentary after Bully ($3.2 million). That doesn't include nature documentaries Chimpanzee ($29 million) and To the Arctic ($7.6 million).

    It's already the No. 12 political documentary of all time -- a market that Michael Moore has cornered -- as well as the No. 2 conservative documentary after Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed ($7.7 million).

    On Friday, Obama's America, co-directed by D'Souza and John Sullivan, will be playing in 1,075 theaters in an aggressive expansion that comes on the eve of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., which gets underway Aug. 27.

    Obama's America, distributed by Rocky Mountain Pictures, first began rolling ou in mid-July and has been slowly adding theaters. On Aug. 10, it opened in a number of markets, including New York and Los Angeles (including the conservative Simi Valley).

    Some in Hollywood were stumped by the amount of business the documentary did at the Regal Union Square Stadium 14 in lower Manhattan, situated in a liberal neighborhood where films from the likes of Moore have done huge business.

    Obama's America was the No. 3 film of the weekend behind The Dark Knight and Totall Recall at Union Square, prompting at least one film executive to joke that people must have thought it was a pro-Obama documentary (New York is the No. 1 city when it comes to the amount of giving to the Obama campaign).

    Moreover, Union Square turned in the second-best gross of any theater in the country after a multiplex in Simi Valley.

    Last weekend, Obama's America fell only 40 percent at the Union Square theater.

    ANALYSIS: Hollywood Had a Hand in Obama's Evolution on Marriage Equality

    Obama's America intends to show how the country's future will look if Barak Obama is elected to a second term in the White House and includes an interview with the president's half brother, George Obama.

    "I think the reason why the film is doing so well is threefold -- we've expanded into good markets, we've been advertising nationally for two weeks on talk radio and television news channels including Fox News Channel, A&E, the History Channel and MSNBC," Sullivan told The Hollywood Reporter.

    Obama's America also is doing big business in cities including Sacramento, Greenville, N.C., Dallas, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Honolulu and Tampa.
  2. haven't seen this yet, I really want to watch it though
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    Sounds like a hit! I'll have to see where it's playing around here.

  4. 1.2 million,its doing well...Not

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    I don't need to watch it. I already know that Obama is a scumbag loser.
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    Me too and I rarely visit theaters.
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    Michael Moore didn't do that. Someone else made that happen.
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    What is the penalty for attempted humor?

    Would this be THE Dinesh D’Souza? Mr. Bean II himself?

    And now we have the movie! Personally, I think it's great. The Crazy Right needs to be seen for what it is. Is this perhaps the much awaited Atlas Shrugged Part 2 in disguise? I can only hope that lots of money was spent on production.
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    You tell us. You're the queen of attempted humor.
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    Hey AK47, perhaps you missed these items:

    It's already the No. 12 political documentary of all time

    Moreover, Union Square turned in the second-best gross of any theater in the country after a multiplex in Simi Valley.

    Union Square is like the most liberal theater in NY in one of the most liberal neighborhoods.
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