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Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by hypostomus, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. One thing I learnt from Jack is to take a huge multiple of the daily range. Here is just one of my trades today. In a mere 31 seconds I took 44% of a one minute bar's range, NQU6 at 7:41 PT, 10:41 ET. I calculate that at this rate by day's end I shall have made 347 NQ points by trading inside each bar. I don't care what the multiple of the daily range is. My system is solidly based in overoptimized backtesting.
  2. WOW.....and you did it on a whole 1 lot.....very impressive! :) Then you wasted the rest of the morning patting yourself on the back, and missed many other excellent trading opportunities.
  3. Unlike the rest of you serious ETer's, I trade solely for amusement. That's how I explain away the fact that none of my systems saw the excellent opportunities that YOU saw. Anyway, that's all I needed to make. World Market has Gloria on sale for $17.99.
  4. To each his own, I guess. If this is a hobby for you and you get satisfaction from it, that's all that matters.
  5. Hey, cut me some slack. I only made that trade to support the idea for a satirical anti-Jack post. And in fact it used absolutely NO SCT. Now let's see...6.5 hours X 3600 seconds/hour X 1/31 seconds X 1 point...that's 754 NQ points I could make if I did that every 31 seconds! Plus that execution report is one more than Jack ever posted (which is to say, zippo).
  6. Here's one...(an excellent opportunity, that is) I am long the market. Started buying earlier, but system shows a trade triggered at 1258...join me if you like....Stop is very wide, a close below 1247. Target....around 69 or so.
  7. Sorry, I don't trade ES. At around 1575, NQ is worth more than ES. Besides, I am constitutionally incapable of going long.
  8. You seem to have a bunch of stupid rules in place....maybe you'd better find another hobby, I don't like to see anyone give up all of their hard earned dollars.
  9. Oh, if you could see my charts and custom studies, you'd really think I was nuts. One of my most useful studies is NQ/QM (can't justify the subscription to CL, haha!). And Vee Wop has its uses, which NOBODY here believes. But I'm no weirder than Jack, with all of his can't-humanly-possibly-monitor-them-all chart elements. Oh, and we have something else in common: we're both old blowhards and bullshit artists. I make a living at it, and he does it for the ego strokes.

    But this thread also illuminates another verity on ET. No one will ask for the rules of the system behind a profitable REAL trade posted by an obvious idiot. "It was ONLY one car!" Well, a non-obvious lead pipe cinch trade can be traded confidently with as much depth as your account and the market conditions at the time will stand.
  10. OK lol, I'll warp the space-time continuum here on ET and bite... what are the rules?
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