Anti-Cramerists, Are you missing the boat(load of bucks)?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jellystone1, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. Guys I am no trader, just started learning and playing virtual. Still, suggest you watch the first portion of Cramers show then cut it off when he starts throwing furniture and consider buying any small caps he has talked about at length in the first part of his show. Do this primarily as a DAYTRADE. I have seen the negative long term reports on many of his picks but daytrading his in-depth choices from the first segment I am up 56% in three weeks. A million viewers guys. Most of them saps like me. All buying the next morning. Why aren't you salivating? Check it out then send me a comish if you want so I can try this with real smackers. lol
  2. Hmmmmmmmmmm, do a search on google for cramers picks and there is one that pops up and tracks his picks, he is way down on his picks...FOr instance, look at his picks on thursday for friday, most are fact you could trade like that based on his picks. Of course you need a stop loss, he doesnt always have losing picks. I dont want to name the site but PM me for it if needed..
  3. You refer to people here as ANTI-CRAMERISTS? Take your Cramer pumping and head over to the Yahoo boards!

    Ohh, you say...." I am no trader, just started learning and playing virtual."

    Take some well meaning advice and that is YOU will never become a trader, no less a successful one, if you are going to start your trading based on what CRAMER says on a TV show..

    Get Real!
  4. so are you shorting the pop?