Anti-American Liberals, I expect an immediate apology from all of you

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  1. "Lt. Col. al-Dabbagh told the London Telegraph that cases of WMD warheads were shipped under cover of darkness to front-line units, including his own, near the end of 2002, in a report published in Sunday editions.

    In September of 2002 the British government published a controversial intelligence report on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, claiming WMD could be launched within 45 minutes. Al-Dabbagh said he believed he was the source of the claim, which was widely criticized as being a ploy by British Prime Minister Tony Blair (search) to gain support for military action in Iraq (search). "
  2. do you have a link for the story???
  3. He's kind of late speaking up isn't he. Where is his confirmation?
    What kind of weapons is he talking about?
  4. Ahhhh hapaboy!!!!!! shut your face:p
    That is from the same fraud report by that intern. It was debunked and proven a lie LOOOONG TIME AGO. :D :D

    you numbskull. Why don't you try the Niger Nuclear material bullshit???:confused: Man you crawl up under the rock spew your shit and go hide under hapaboy. :p Your meds are wearing off. double the dosage:cool:
  5. Pro-American liberals don't need to apologize, only the "Anti-American" liberals.
  6. I read a lengthy article on this guy. He provided the intell that the Brits used concerning Iraqi WMD pre-invasion. It had nothing to do with the Niger fiasco, which BTW has never been debunked. It's clear to all by now that "Ambassador" Joe Wilson is a desperate attention seeker and opportunist. His 15 minutes are over.

    The Iraqi Lt. Col. was with a frontline unit and said they were all issued "secret weapons", in sealed containers that were to be used on Saddam's instructions. Probably chemical/bio agents.
  7. I read where Lt. Col. al-Dabbagh was offered a job writing scripts for the TV show "Alias."