Anti American hedge funds ganging up on LEH

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  1. There's no end to the greed.
  2. LEH should be cut access to the discount window and forced into liquidation by its creditors. LEH represents everything wrong with America while GS represents everything that is good. It's all about survival of the fittest and greed is good.
  3. So who are the idiots who bought LEH at the secondary offering? :D :p
  4. Oh no! Not the anti-American hedge funds.

    Poor LEH.
  5. They dont have a business model. What do people expect?
  6. It's the American idiot(c) that doesn't have the biz model.

    Credit junkies all of them, not to mention grossly overpaid for pushing paper around.

    Get back to legitimate sweat generating work, and put the metrosexuals on an island where they belong.

    And yes, the hedge funds would crucify their grandmothers to generate a bit of alpha.
  7. investors of these hedge funds want minimum 25% returns.

    there is no way you can get 25% returns on portfolio of 100 millions without playing games.

  8. asap



    there are several hedge funds returning 60-90% per annum for the last decade with an aum circa of 10 bil.

    i guess those doesnt count or maybe they play games all the time...

  9. o rly? i didn't know hedge funds forced LEH to buy garbage CDO's on huge leverage. learn something new everyday.
  10. The greedy dumbass CEOs of BSC LEH MER MS etc. leveraging up the boat with junk are perfectly fine right? But greedy hedge funds are bad?

    Gotta love double standards.
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