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    Not a real news site, just an ad disguised
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    You are a moderator, yet you are spamming ET with fake news sites trying to sell an anti-aging product?

    That seems odd.
  4. "Resveratrol Ultra is trying to spread the word on the miracle powers of Resveratrol."
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    the problem with anti-aging products is people think they can pop a pill then go out grill some 3/4 inch steaks
  6. Resveratrol is in red wine, mulberry, and blueberry most. But to effect a person positively, they have to have big quantities the most people can not eat every day. Most amount of reservatol in red wine is any Spanish red wine because of the grape grown in Spain. So buy red wine of Spain for the most reservatol.
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    a grape by any other name..

    why is the spanish grape better?
  8. All the grapes have resveratrol, but the concentration seems more in wine from spain of general. So to pick a red wine with more resveratrol, chances are better it have more if it is from Spain, but not definite.
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    Mod or not I'm getting old, no make that I'm old and I want some effective anti aging products that I can take now!
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