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  1. This is the top. Not often do you see a new high at 10:30 followed by a few low over 1% lower before 1pm.

    The party is over folks.
  2. Short NQ 1529
  3. MRWSM


    Top for the day? Week? Entire Bull Rally?

    I've been long the QQQ since May and there's been a lot of top calls since, just wondering on your specifics.
  4. This is the top for the next month.

  5. You sound a lot like our good buddy James Stock/Romeo

    Could you be him?

  6. i don't know who you are talking about. i am speakingout's friend
  7. Be nice to the folks on ET Anthony they can be a rough crowd. When told you that maybe you should get yourself signed up because of all the backlash about me posting for you, I didnt think that you would go and start a journal. Man o Man good luck with that one. Talk to you tonight Anthony.
  8. well i have seen from all the posts over the past few days that things can get out of hand easily. then again i dont want to loose grip so that it falls out of my hand.
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    Well Anthony, didn't know you were him. Looks like you have an awesome track record. Keep doing what you have been doing.
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    Seems very plausible to me, the run-up over the next month and a half is in store for correction, 50% or so would be fair; most longs will 'buy the dip' a little too early and have to bail, shorts will be all over it (calling the bull top, etc.) and be fully exposed when the correction ends and back up we go, sounds like something the market would do :)
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