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  2. This is priceless. This sick bastard is lamenting the fact that they took the money from him he stole from me, and 500,000 others, including many of you. Then he says the Justice System screwed him and he's missing his kids. I hope they send the SOB up for life. He ruined careers, families, and lives all for the big buck. Remember the "Inside Truth". And Wall St. helped him out for the commish.

    To: Jeffrey S. Mitchell who wrote (8788) 8/9/2005 7:03:41 PM
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    I received from Tony Elgindy a couple of handwritten letters he was hoping
    to have published on SI, both on this thread and his own. As many of you
    know, Tony is facing 20 years in prison, sentencing to likely be on or
    around October 1. There was a good likelihood that, with SI Bob's help, that
    the letters would be published using Tony's account. I even faxed Bob copies
    of the letters for verification that what was posted electronically was
    actually what Tony wrote.


    Suffice to say that while the motivation to speak out publicly comes from a
    desire to show how one feels wronged by the judicial system, one risks just
    the opposite. Delfino and Day brought this to an art-form: bringing
    wide-ranging attention to their case such that, even if you ended up being
    totally unsympathetic to them personally, you at least had to acknowledge
    they were legally wronged. Tony has, in the letters I've read, not (yet)
    been able to do this.

    Just so I haven't totally disappointed everyone, here's a part of Tony's
    first letter that at least humanizes him:

    Keep in mind, as you review this, I had every cent I ever had to my name
    seized and frozen three years ago. Since then I've spent millions and
    millions and millions defending this case. I've lost every dollar I've ever
    earned or saved in the past 17 years. I've lost my business reputation,
    friends, family, credibility, and most of all my liberty and my desperate
    need to be there for my three young boys as they face these critical years

    Will there be more to come? I'd like to think so. Everyone deserves to tell
    their side of the story. But when facing 20 years in prison, you probably
    have only one chance to get it right if you have any hope of getting
    anyone's sympathy be it personal or legal. Today is a bit premature for

    - Jeff