Antepenultimate Undicator: Volatrendity

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  1. The SCT community has been extremely patient with me as I labored to finish my great gift to them while programming during potty breaks. But for constipation I would have been finished earlier. Subsequent to the revelation of Tradeavolity I developed a companion volatility measure called Overlapity (which I am sure you are thankful I did not post). The latter proved to be so pow'ful that I combined it with Tradevolity to create my masterpiece:


    The bottom pane shows that while the upper two source panes are dynamite, Volatrendity is nuculur!
  2. doli


    I'm guessing volatrendity indicates the direction and magnitude of volatility. Red, green and yellow are also the colors of traffic signals.
  3. Doli, you continue to astonish me with your bold intellect! What does every trader want? A stairstepping price chart with no bar overlap, no tails, and no reversals. However, when we see it, we are stunned into fearfulness by its raw naked power. So we just watch until the show is over. Volatrendity quantifies that rare but happy price state so that you can look at the Undicator, rather than at the scary price pattern. It is also the longed-for quantitative measure of Jack Hershey's SCT rockets. My gift to Spydertrader and all the hapless insects caught his sticky web.
  4. I'm Sold!

    How much does it cost??? :confused: :confused:

    ... and if you aren't marketing it for sale, that's just plain dumb, we could make an ass-load of money off of this one, hell just as Pureschtick!
  5. You mean I don't have to read any more books?
  6. Herr Almond-Bread, you ever have the eye for making a sleazy buck! Volatrendity is at least as good as 99% of the TA out there. But to market it I would have to spend two more minutes converting it to true Stoplight format for the desperate masses, and another five overoptimizing the threshold to make it look better. In truth, it is so good that it is destined to be an example in Comedy Trading School. Perhaps you missed my latest system (I spin off several a day) called SCT Without Fear? My associate Herr Doktor Duref Mudgins published it in Psych today.
  7. Mgabriel01, you never DID have to read any trading books. I know for a fact that one of the most respected posters here has read only one. And judging from his posts, Jack has never read any. I quit reading them about five years ago, and every few months I burn another one of the few that are left. I am down to only 22 on my shelf now. I think the Taleb is the next to meet the feuer. Bitch Market is the best teacher.
  8. While it is relatively easy to code an apparently legitimate but totally bogus system in only 30 minutes, it may take hours to find a convincingly supportive example to entice potential subscribers. Attached we have a 30 minute NQ chart for last Friday. The first study below price is a simple trend following stoplight system. The second pane is Volatrendity, showing how it would have taken you out of the retraces in the trends and re-entered you after the risk had subsided. Just shit luck I found something to rationalize all the time I wasted on this system.

  9. It looks just like the one in the book Im reading --- you should put a copywrite on it before these other charlatans profit from your work
  10. Copyright it? I haven't even finished finding all the fucking errors in it yet! I am merely trying to quantify what any idiot can see. How fucking hard is it to recognize perfectly stair-stepping bars? The trick is how much to tolerate in deviation from perfection before you bail out of the trade. Anyway, you can give away a marvelous system and hardly anybody will be able to trade it because of psych issues. I mean, look at SCT. Could anything be more perfect? Yet the ET population in general couldn't learn it in a fucking YEAR. I still haven't after seven years of trying.
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