Answering "Rev." Jeremiah Wright's Hate -- Jackie Mason Talks

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BernardRichards, Feb 21, 2009.

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    ... someone needs to answer this Wright for the lies and hate he spews from the pulpit. The nerve of this man to say we take him out of context, when his only context is that he profits from hate and as long as he uses his demagoguery to fool his parishioners, and perpetuate the racial divide in this country. As long as his parishioners hate America and think the Whites are their enemy, he can live a comfortable life in his multi-million dollar home.
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    Good quote, Benard;
    you got a comedian telling more truth than a guote''preacher'' unquote. A wolf may dress in sheep clothing[wool] but wolves tend to snarl// snap//bite much more than sheep.

    They say in a black Baptist church ''change is not change until you change'' Rev Wright simply needs to ''change'':cool:
  3. This is a standard tactic among hate mongers in all religions of the world to dress up like saints and to preach hate. These people are the lowest scum and greatest hypocrites on earth.