answer True or false to this statement

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Sky123987, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. When you enter a position at limit sometimes the cost of entering or slippage is not easily defined. The cost of entering is > when you are at the end of the line in queue to be filled compared to being in front of the line.

    having said that... I'm guessing generally at each price level NYSE orders will normally be executed first (due to it only costing .0008 to take liquidy) then ARCA will be last to be executed being cause costs .0030.

    So... Generally (not counting ECN rebates) TRUE OR FALSE "the cost of entering the market / slippage is greater if you enter at limit and route to ARCA vs if you route to NYSE"

  2. Kind of, yeah.

    On stocks that don't necessarily have orders at every price level, you will frequently find that if you put 100 shares on ARCA, algos front run you and chase orders in front of yours, but if you put your 100 shares on NYS, they'll just leave it. This is because your 100 share ARCA can have a reserve.