Answer to Tax Refund thefts

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    Crank up your withholding exemptions so that you owe the IRS at the end of the year instead of having a refund due that can be stolen.

    Too late for many, I read today that 250,000 people have had their refund stolen by fraudsters filing a fake return and diverting the refund to themselves.

    Don't let the IRS owe you money. It will have the effect of saving you from fraud and I expect it would cost the government millions in interest they collect on refund money they hold all year before disbursement.
  2. Of course, you pay your quarterlies based on actual earnings, not some made up number by the IRS. Always make sure you make your final payment in full. If you happen to be stuck in a job, then you can manipulate the withholding at will, just do a pro-forma tax estimate and add another withholding exemption as noted. Very good advice.

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    Most people don't grasp the concept of giving the gov't a zero-interest loan of their money. Most look at the refund check as a "gift" from the gov't which they use to buy some toy they don't need. If they're stupid enough to continue this behavior, then they probably deserve to have their refund diverted.
  4. Zero interest loan..:D

    Yea, put it in the bank for .0000000000005 interest, watch it grow and lose the interest to fees.
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