Answer the phone TradeStation!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Surdo, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Surdo


    How long does one need to stay on hold?
    This is a piss poor excuse of a charting/trading platform.

    el surdo
  2. Glad to have dumped TS long ago!
  3. Surdo


    How do they stay in business and not answer the phones?
  4. They lost my business when the bitch on the phone with me got an attitude. No way will I pay people to be snotty with me.
  5. Malcolm


    So is there any consensus as to who is the best broker for equities? Because I hear a lot of bashing of IB as well. I look at the broker ratings and it seems like all the brokers have some customers who've had very negative experiences. I opened an account at TradeStation but I haven't funded it yet. I was switching over from Scottrade because of issues there. Honestly, is anybody clearly superior to all the rest?
  6. Alot of people are likely easily aggravated these days because of losses.
  7. Who do you use now?
  8. Again GermanTrader, contributing nothing to the thread and only speaking about himself, which no one cares about, this guy ought to be banned from ET.
  9. JockTrade


    i went throught the same issues with rudeness and just a total lack of care by the customer care people i was pushed to after i opened the account. i complained to my reps sales manager and when it happened again and he gave me his direct line i come to find he is no longer there. infinity has been okay so far, but sort of rude.
  10. You can come to expect it pretty much at any broker. The behind the scenes working of the wall street business is really bottom of the barrel stuff. Add to the fact that most workers are probably scared of being fired these days.

    Plus the fact that north american workers period have the worst customer service. They would be better off moving the call center to india - I always get good service from those call centers.
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