Answer ET Republicans if YOU Dare "COMMON SENSE" Question!!DR.ZHI, PABST!!! ANSWER

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Jun 13, 2006.

According to PABST and DR.ZHI iraq is safer and better then before, are they right?

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  1. ok all you republicans, you keep claiming that iraq is so safe now. Well safer. And everything is getting be in iraq, how come 4 years after the war supposivly was mission accomplish, the president still has to sneak into iraq? If the most powerful man in the world, with all the security in the world, has to sneak in the middle of the night, and cant even inform is supposive allies to get into iraq. How can the average iraqi feel safe? You can build a million schools or roads, but if you dont have security and feel safe, you have nothing!
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  4. Uh I really dont care or not if anybody replies. But steve in all honesty answer my question. Every republican out there keeps saying iraq is better. Iraq isnt as dangerous as reported. Nobody reports the schools and roads being built. but four years after mission accomplish and 2 years after he did this same stunt during thanks giving, the president still cant go to iraq without the cover of nite, and without runing out 30 minutes later. The guy cant even trust his allies in iraq, he didnt even tell the prime minister of iraq. That brings alot of confidence huh.

    This is the most powerful and protected man in the world and he doesnt feel safe in iraq. How can the average iraqi feel safe? Like I said you can build a million homes, roads, and schools. but if you dont have security and you dont feel safe, you have nothing.

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  6. Bush flew to Iraq in 2003 for Thanksgiving, and did so in total secrecy because it wasn't safe.

    Today he again flew to Iraq in total secrecy because it wasn't safe.

    The important question really is:

    If the US leaves, can the fledgling Iraq government defend itself.

    The fact that we are still there, says they are not....
  7. how many news reports are done from street-level iraq, independent of the US military? how many interviews does the media broadcast with average (non-politician) iraqis? how much evidence is presented to prove purported changes in the security situation?

    how much of anything stated by the war promoters is substantiated with any hard evidence at all? how much has ever been?
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    why are muslims killing muslims?
  9. why are americans killing americans? When you have criminals fighting each other and taking civis down, its up to the police to stop it. But america broke up the police. Duh, just imagine what would happen if you disband the police in LA or New york. In less then one hour the gangs of new york would own the place.

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