Another youtube thread. A question

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by stock777, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Seriously, how does this happen?

    The idea is pedestrian and not unique.

    It's late in the game?

    GOOGle could have done a better job of it over a weekend with all the programmers at thier disposal.

    How the hell do they turn this into 1.6 BILLion and get GOOGle to fork that over, albeit in the form of funny money.

    In less that 2 years.

    I have some theories, but none explain it all.
  2. I'VE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hang up a web site that lets traders curse and fume about any and everything.

    Let cranks ramble about how they have the secret to the markets, folks with $259 to invest complain about pattern daytrading rules, and spammers post under 20 different aliases in the same day.

    Within a year we'll be bought out by Etrade or Godman Saks, or some damn body with too much money in thier pocket. 2 billion min.

    $$$$$$$$$ kachingo.

    fu waxie.