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  1. I know there are threads on WTS, but is there anyone with actual experience with them? I am a college grad, live in Philly, and got an interview with WTS. I was excited until I did more research and started hearing about scam prop firms and WTS was listed as one.

    They seemed real eager to interview me which kind of threw me off cause I have no experience and just fresh out of college. I want to go to the interview but it will be a 2 hour trip there and back and Im not sure if it is worth it. Anyone have true experience with WTS or a prop similar to it?

    The 1500 fee is also a red flag. I've read most legit firms don't make you depo money because theyre training is so extensive that they're confident in their traders. Legit firms have 6 to 12 month training while WTS seems to only be 14 to 30 days. Seems fishy to me... which sucks because I was excited for this interview. Anyways, any input would be great. Thank you.

    ALSO.. if possible, a listing of firms that offer a base salary like NYFS would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Im new here!
  2. They are a legit firm. They just screw their traders a bit. Some of the traders there don't even realize it. Just watch the fees. Personally I have never traded with them and never will.

    Which office by the way?
  3. Most prop firms that I've talked to work basically like WTS, very few firms offer a salary and without an mba or the like there isn't much chance of landing an intrview with on of them. My advice is find a job, save a few bucks , then put up a small depoist at a legit firm and start there then shop your results around the bigger firms.
  4. They asked me to either do a conference call, or head to their Manhattan office for an interview. Im just hesitant because as I said, Im a student real busy with my classes and to take the time and money to travel to Manhattan on bus from Philadelphia to NYC is a huge deal for me, because Im already pressed for time. And if I were to travel all the way there just to realize it is just a scam, I'd be pretty pissed.

    I just hope that opting for a conference call puts me on a bad note instead of actually going in physically for an interview.
  5. I was offereed an interview with their manhattan offices. I just don't want to make the bus trip from Philadelphia to NY for a scam office. They seem legit, but I am also pretty new to all of this.
  6. I use to work for them, i will say if you are a student you are much better off staying in school and getting your education and getting a real job. The number of traders in general that end up making money is very low and you go do a lot more elsewhere in the industry. Now if you do become a trader it isn't a bad place to start so the intial deposit / training fee is low compared to other and you will learn a little.
  7. The interview is just to make you feel special, they do not reject anyone with a deposit. Don't waste your time if it's such a long commute, and do it over the phone.
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    JSHTrader, what are you studying? Is it something for which you have a good chance of landing a real job or is it some bs major like communications or art history?
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    You're not going to learn much there.
  10. i dont see how this is relevant but Im majoring in Business Finance and Accounting
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