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  1. I know a lot of you(most of you) have had many, many negative reviews about WT. I've looked at many charts(at the seminar and on the site), with each being "right." For example, each one with a steady green line going up with a steady red light below it, has a price that goes up.( from the fresh cross to where it ends.) Wouldn't that prove you wrong, or would the info it says be wrong(at the seminar, they looked at CPWR and it was going up - so was the price) And the price was right around the same price as it was in the newspaper. Also, another question, is WT delayed? I heard on a board it is delayed about 30 minutes. Any info about that would be nice ^_^
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    I will have something better for you than wize trade. You will buy commercially available software like tradestation. We will then buy a couple a products that I think are at least not scams.

    You will then take some money and have a programmer design a profitable systems for you And you will pay me 1,000. dollars and be ahead.
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    I could show you hundreds, even thousands of charts with winning trades on them even with a losing system. Unless you are seeing ALL OF IT'S TRADES...*ALL*, you can't know for sure what it's winning percentages etc are.


  5. During the late '90s almost any idiot was a freaking stock market guru - just buy, 'cause there were enough other idiots who'd buy it from it later at a higher price.

    Even the lamest methods can be made to look "brilliant" if you pick the right stocks and right time periods.

    WT is a sucker scam. But if you're anxious to be a true believer, kiss your money good bye. Otherwise, run (don't walk) screaming away from their sales hacks.

    And if you're just another in a line of WT shills, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits and crotch.