Another white candle up the arse of shorts?

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  1. WOw anyone besides me notice the spooz future gain 10 points in the span of five minutes:

    Futures surging off lows:

    Dow 11,862.00 -122.00 -1.02
    S&P 500 1,277.50 -15.50 -1.20
    NASDAQ 1,700.50 -24.00 -1.39

    The spooz futures was down 24 at one point .

    Sorry shorties. You thought you had if ..but not anymore.

    The US and global economy is still VERY robust with the exception of financial stocks. The BIG funds know this and will BID THE MARKETS HIGHER>
  2. you should refresh

    seriously dude - you will have more dignity and respect working as the mop man in an adult bookstore than you will ever have on this board.
  3. SP down 25 as i type this ... what r you smoking ??????

  4. I love it.... LOL Another big white bullish salami up the shorts! LOL
  5. the bounce was most likely because of the rate cut announcement - a sunday night special!

  6. Wait till the market opens tomorrow..futures at this time are not predictive as such of what will happen. The markets go down first on rate cuts and it take a little time before you start seeing bullish white candles up the asses of shorts....

    Tuesday Fed will cut the Fund rate and that will push a roaring rocket up..
  7. the Fed should stick to containing inflation - as far as Stock Market, et al are concerned...

    they don't have a clue.

    Small futures positions stopped in both directions, but at the open QID calls may look pretty good.

    I want to add more APR contracts since the next leg down IMHO is likely.


    Nikkei has dropped from 18,000 to 12,000 these last few months, lol.

    Mickey Mouse could run the Fed better.
  8. Is he reading the chart upside down?
  9. We will have even more fun at 3:00 am est..when the EU markets open. :eek:

  10. How short are you? Why are you so upset? Cutting rates help the on coming recession... well if there was one..
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