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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by syd697, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. syd697


    Ok, here' something that's been happening for a few weeks now that I've never experienced before.

    As I write a lot of articles from my laptop in Word documents, or even just typing up an e-mail in Outlook Express, the mouse cursor will randomly jump to another area within the document while I'm composing the work.

    Since I look at the keyboard when I type, I don't realize that the cursor has jumped, and my words have ended up in a different section of my article. I then have to re-fix everything I just typed.

    Very annoying to say the least but not sure what to do about it. I have Norton & Super Anti-Spyware running all the time.

    Does anyone have any advice? Is it a bug or undetected virus? It's starting to add unwanted time to my article writing.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. jprad


    Are you using an external mouse or the internal pointing device?

    Which ever it is, try disabling it and using the other.
  3. I just went through this yesterday, and what worked for me was this;

    Control panel



    Tap off when typing.
  4. syd697


    Hmmm, I went into control panel and I only see "hide pointer while typing". Is that the same thing? I already have a checkmark in that box.
  5. jprad


    No, you need to disable the device from within the BIOS.
  6. This may sound elementary, but if you're using a wireless external mouse, check its battery.

    When it gets weak jumpy cursors et al are quite common, often long before the Windows mouse applet pops up a low batt warning.

  7. No that isn't it.
    maybe it is under the buttons tab or pointer tab?
  8. Are you using Microsoft Vista?
  9. Some more information would help:
    is it an external or internal mouse?
    is it a wireless mouse?

    also, it appears that besides drifting on it's own, the mouse button is also being clicked, transferring the cursor to another location.

    this reminds me of a prank we once played where we had a VNC session open to a friend's pc, and then fooled around by randomly moving his mouse and clicking around!
  10. syd697


    I'm running Win XP and an external mouse (not wireless). I still can't find the setting in control panel that someone in this forum recommended.

    Maybe I need to update the mouse drivers (if there are any?)

    Or, does anyone recommend uninstalling the mouse and re-installing?

    Super frustrating.

    Thanks all!
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